The reason why I can’t respond to your help


I receive a lot of comments, advice and information everyday. Some people even offer me helps for my activity, but honestly I don’t have time to read and think about them all carefully. I’m trying but I’m being too occupied.

I spend 8 or 10 hours on researching and making articles everyday. and I have to think about visa, money, and when I’m moving like from Paris to Tunisia or Romania, I can’t even check the news. After one day blank, I’ll have to be online for about 12 hours to catch up with all the news. and most of the time, when I arrive at a new place, I need 1 or 2 days to get secured internet line so the blank time gets longer. The only exception was Romania. I got the perfect internet condition form the first day.

I want to cover more issues, faster but I don’t know how to do that. Though I receive lots of offers for help but I have no idea how to organize and realize it. I’m being like a posting machine.

I heard some people are worried about me because Fukushima Diary doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. but this is what is actually going on.

so if I’m allowed to be arrogant, please feel free to do something around Fukushima Diary on your own good. Please feel free to use that blog and grow something around me. Thank you.



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