The reason why I can’t respond to your help


I receive a lot of comments, advice and information everyday. Some people even offer me helps for my activity, but honestly I don’t have time to read and think about them all carefully. I’m trying but I’m being too occupied.

I spend 8 or 10 hours on researching and making articles everyday. and I have to think about visa, money, and when I’m moving like from Paris to Tunisia or Romania, I can’t even check the news. After one day blank, I’ll have to be online for about 12 hours to catch up with all the news. and most of the time, when I arrive at a new place, I need 1 or 2 days to get secured internet line so the blank time gets longer. The only exception was Romania. I got the perfect internet condition form the first day.

I want to cover more issues, faster but I don’t know how to do that. Though I receive lots of offers for help but I have no idea how to organize and realize it. I’m being like a posting machine.

I heard some people are worried about me because Fukushima Diary doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. but this is what is actually going on.

so if I’m allowed to be arrogant, please feel free to do something around Fukushima Diary on your own good. Please feel free to use that blog and grow something around me. Thank you.



      1. Not at all. You did very well Mochizuki-san! I wish there was some way for us “evacuees” to all meet up. I feel very isolated even with a local Japanese community where I am. Most do not understand the seriousness of what has and is happening just like the foreigners. They still eat food imported from Japan which is a horror to me. My wife forbids me from talking about it to anyone though after I did one time. The people do not want to hear it.

        So I (and I am sure my wife) feel like I am in a matrix or another reality that others do not see. It is very stressful and depressing but I know for my family we must try our best. The most aggravating part is that the Japanese government (TEPCO, IAEA, Japan media, etc) continue to deceive the world and make every effort to spread the contamination. Even the Japanese embassy in this country is trying to encourage people to eat Japanese food and travel to Japan. I am simply numb with horror and disbelief at this all.

        I am left to wonder what the future of Japan (and the world) will be in the next 10-20 years and beyond. I am only thankful that my beloved grandfather (in Chiba) passed away 3 years ago and did not have to see this horror. The pain and stress that many people must be feeling in Japan is just too much to comprehend and those responsible must be made to suffer the consequences for this. There is no amount of $$ in the world that can resolve what has happened and repay the pain and loss to all those affected in Japan.

        The least that can be done is to stop the nuclear power in Japan and prosecute those responsible at EVERY level to the MAX. Again I always say, put them all physically on site to do manual labor for the clean up. Why should Edano, Hosono, etc and TEPCO execs (CEO current and past), and Japan media (including lying nuclear “experts” who assert that there is no “immediate” danger to human health) get away with their lies which have cause so many to suffer. Put them all on site to do the work they are having the homeless and mentally disabled to do. They are humans like the rest of us they are not above it, they are responsible for it! Criminals, all of them.

    1. Roughly, this is what Nelson Surjon tells in his interview :
      Nelson Surjon tells that on 17/03/2011 he went back to France for some time and he saw that news about Japan on french tv almost disappeared from april. He says food contamination in all Japan is the problem, with a lack of willing and false informations about the location where food is produced, so that food can still be sold.
      He says radiations are not spread according circles, and beef can be contaminated far from the contamination circle area. Moreover he says that radioactivity is checked on one piece of beef, but can be double on the next beef slice.
      He doesn’t want to get his kids back to Tokyo.
      He tries to sell his restaurant. People are afraid to go to restaurants because of a supposed higher risk of having contaminated food. Moreover, his customers were mostly foreigners that leaved.
      He thinks Japan wants to recover from the disaster, but Japanese lost confidence on their government, they understand government is lying about very important facts, and people feel angry.
      He says he arrived in Japan to help his japanese wife, and enjoyed very much life in Japan, but he decided to leave Japan, because of obvious lies of government.
      He says scientists on TV said plutonium wasn’t dangerous, and now, plutonium is not measured to avoid frightening the population.
      He says children where back to Minamisoma from september, and they are in great danger, with unknowm amounts of various nucleids, and teachers forcing them to have contaminated food.
      Nelson Surjon tries to help Fukushima children and that why he plans to go back to Japan from times to times.

      I hope those translated lines will be helpful for you.

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been following your news for a while now. I’m grateful that Fukushima Diary exists.
    I’ve noticed that you might move to Romania. If you need help, please let me know. I’m in Bucharest at the moment.
    Good luck!

      1. I’m renting a place. Please write to me by email if I can help you with anything.
        Take care.

  2. Yeah, I completely understand. If I’m cut off from the internet for even one day, there’s always so much to catch up on… especially because I follow so many different things. As individual humans, it’s extremely difficult for us to process so much in so little time.

  3. Keep doing the best you can, Iori, it’s very much appreciated… if people aren’t satisfied with the amount of info you post, they can always check out, there is a whole section devoted to breaking news on Fukushima, I always check FD first, then I head over to Rense and usually if a story is not up on FD, it’s on Rense. Much love and respect Iori, keep up the blogging and don’t pay any mind to haters and trolls!

  4. It is a ton of information to process every day plus your looking in multiple languages etc. Something I found that helps is to set Google Alerts for resources that churn out regular data like newspaper websites. I have those set up on the English lang. websites. You should be able to do the same through to pick up JN language sites. It is still a crazy amount of information. We gather data and news stories together on SimplyInfo’s live blog. Checking it once a day for news articles or data might save some time. We share what everyone finds. More hands make lighter work. Our live blog is over here for now. We can get you higher level access so you can look at chat history to pull news links etc. from when your not online.

    1. Thank you ! That’s very helpful.
      Recently I feel like google is too slow. Not the speed of the website. It’s the speed of crawler. They are too slow to index new information.

      1. try startpage instead of google, I switched a few weeks ago, not only is it a more private search engine it also seems to run quicker than google

        1. Thanks, but I didn’t mean the speed of the search engine. I need news before it’s on the web. “Website” is now as old as book or newspaper. Google can’t catch up with the actual world. Web is good to keep but bad to know what is actually going on. Now the internet is not the fastest tool to know the world. Human connection is faster than internet. That’s why I blogged Website is dead.

  5. Иори, наткнулся на Ваш блог. Вы делаете очень важное дело. Большое Вам спасибо. Обязательно буду пользоваться Вашей информацией.

  6. Here is a new blog on Fukushima in French. It’s associated with rue89, a popular source of information in France.

    So far there are only three entries, but they look promising. The blog is written by a person with a Franco-Japanese name (probably French journalist married to a Japanese, or, less likely, with a Japanese parent).

    Another article about views on nuclear waste in the French countryside by locals (unfortunately not global thinkers, but that might change):

  7. Thank you for your work.
    You’re welcome here anytime if you need a place in Moravia, Czech Republic. We got reliable internet (and good organic food). Contact/Travel info on our site.


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