Tepco is going to inject boric acid

Following up this article ..Attention : Reactor 2 is still being heated

On the press conference of 2/6/2012 PM, Tepco announced they are going to add 960 Kg of boric acid tonight in JST.

They increased the amount of water to inject to reactor 2, but it’s still 70.6℃ at 5:00AM on 2/6/2012.

Tepco has started analyzing the gas to publish the data on 2/7/2012.

For the brief report, the amount of Xe135 is ND, (≦ 1Bq/cm3) which denies the possibility of recriticality.

However, they are going to inject 960 kg of boric acid and increase the amount of water by 3 tones.

The reason why they need to add boric acid is not explained.


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