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Hello everyone. I’m Mochizuki Iori. Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary all the time.

I’m trying to make a video like Arnie Gundersen or C busby.

I stayed in Japan for 9 months after 311. I knew I was exposed but I couldn’t leave.
In this Winter, I became able to evacuate thanks to Fukushima diary finally.
When I was in Japan, I was so sick. I started having diarrhea since last summer. got sore throat and fatigue. From autumn to winter, I started caughing and couldn’t stop in December. I took double dose of coughing meds.
I became fine soon as I came to Europe. I really appreciate my host family.
I left my pet, family, friends and lost my apt, jobs, and life in Japan. but I don’t want to go back to the sick life anymore. Around this time of last year, I used to go to a spa near my house every weekend and had rotenburo. I miss it so much but don’t feel like having a cesium bath anymore. NO thank you .
I was in Yokohama, 250 km away from Fukushima. took care about food but tried to take enough nutrition. even took calcium tablets. but still became sick. My diarrhea was like water in the end.
I had to cook with bottled water and used volvic to wash my eyes.

And now cesium pollen is starting to fly. I really wanted to avoid that so I had to be away from Japan by February. Radiation taken into your lungs can never be taken away. You can’t reverse it.
“Experts” say we only need to wear mask or something but I have always had hay fever, which means I still breathe pollen through mask. It’s bullshit. and even if you can avoid it with mask, what will you do next year or next next year ? and pollen doesn’t just come to your nostrils. It falls on rice field, farms and river head. People say we can remove cesium from food by this way of cooking bla bla bla, but will you do that for the rest of your life ? Radiation is stocked in your body endlessly.

Now reactor 4 is a hot word. I personally think there is the fuel in reactor too because you see the recently endless leakage at reactor 4. It’s from the reactor. If there is no fuel in reactor, why do they need to have water in it ? Anyway, now all the reactors are on the edge. and nothing has been improved since 311. and technically, you can do nothing to the melted fuel rods. Even THE Japanese government talks it may take 40 years to take them away. They are liars so it would take way longer. I would be almost 70 years old then. How could I live with bear nuclear fuel for 40 years ?
We are not like beatles or anything. We live longer than a year. We need a long term vision.

yes, so I would be willing to die if I can let the world know Japanese government is a liar. They are murder. Do not trust them.

At the end, today I removed all the advertisement from the blog because it’s annoying and too distracting. so I’ll be happy if someone nicely makes me donation.
Fukushima Diary is attacked every 15 mins and run on 4 servers.

Currently, the alpha blogs about Fukushima are only 3, Enenews, ExSKF, and Fukushima diary. and Only ExSkf and Fukushima Diary are run by actual Japanese. If I stop blogging, no one gives spot light to nameless people dying of leukemia or cardiac infarct from Radiation in Japan. Lots of people lost their jobs and the future. so I can’t stop it even if it’s not profitable at all. I’m not allowed to stop it. I need your lots of support and advice. Thank you very much.



  1. Dear Iori M.
    THANK YOU 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your words with the internet world.
    My heart goes out to all people affected by this great injustice unfolding in Japan.
    Your video is very powerful and touches my heart, and I am sure the hearts of many.
    May you continue to have courage and good health in your mission on informing and educating the world on the truths of what is going on with your country’s people.
    Peace and Happiness to you.
    Your Friend,
    Mary 🙂

  2. i read your blog every day. i am in n.california and feel terrible about what is going on in japan. i feel there is very little hope for most of japan. tepco is a disgrace and cares little(nothing at all) about the people. but what can they or anyone do about what has happened. the world is helpless, there are no solutions to the problem. we have created a monster mightier than our swords. what the fuck were we thinking? its only the begining of many nightmares to come. i ask as many people,here, as i can, if they now what fukushima is. every single person i ask replies “i have no idea”. it literally makes me want to cry, every time. 99.9% of americans have no fucking clue,that the worst possible “man made” ireversable disaster, has, and continues to happen, in our known history on this planet has occured. second only to being hit by a large meteor or something we cant even imagine as of yet. im saddened that the world has not come together as a whole to at least address the problem, at least attempt to brainstorm together with concern. thanks for caring, ill donate what i can. im even willing to volunteer to help in the futal clean up effort. but im not sure how to join in the effort. im willing to die for the sake of the world, my life in america sucks anyway. if you have info on how to join the death squad please let me know! thank you!

    1. Brainstorm:

      First, maybe we can start an effort in the US to use small claims courts lawsuits to get a cascade of them going against reactor owners over the area pollution their plants cause.

      Second, we can pressure federal and state reps to do everything possible to pull the liability underwriting rug out from under them, and to enforce aggressive thorough inspections, force compliance with ‘recommendations that have never been followed through, make them tell the truth about everything in hearings before committees, enforce criminal penalties for obstruction of justice and perjury.

      Third, send enenews links to your local newspapers, tv stations, county commissioners, health departments, neighbors and friends, so everyone begins to learn how dangerous nuclear power is and a consensus begins to build against it.

      Fourth, technically, some possible partial solutions already available might be employed or at least researched and trumpeted.

      One of those is treating fuel rods and radioactive materials with Brown’s Gas flame, which reportedly has been used to render a Cobalt-60 pellet to harmless levels of background radiation.

      Another is the high probability that somewhere in God’s creation He has some microbes which can help. It’s already known there are microbes which will put uranium in an insoluble form. It’s possible there are some that, like the properties in Brown’s Gas, have properties which allow ‘transmutation’ of radioisotopes. There are at least two places in the world where uranium naturally accumulated in a geological trap which had criticalities in the past; its likely there are some microbes living around there with the ability to work on radionuclides. God covered a wide range of possibilities when He engineered this world and its biosphere.

      It’s also only been discovered in the last ten years or less, that microbiology was ignorant of myriad microbes, which are only picked up by RNA testing, never by culturing in nutrient media. The diversity of the gene pool the Creator wrote (thought out, designed engineered, created or built, and programmed, is far greater than previously thought. Evolution had squat to do with it. Natural selection is baloney, God put all the genes in the gene pools to begin with.

      We’d do well to assume that He who wrote all the genomes, absolutely hates nuclear power for its destruction of that information, of the life it produces, and that He provided a solution even for such a stupid mistake as nuclear power.

      Along with that, as people have been discovering, there are nutriceutical things people can do to chelate radionuclides and heavy metals out of their bodies, or prevent these harmful things from attaching to DNA. Don’t forget the brief news mention of an Army ‘anti-radiation’ pill in the first week before mainline media were censored. It could be that the mythical “white gold” is a reality, something able to correct DNA errors and extend life.

      Don’t forget the book, “World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17”, by Edward G. Griffin, alleging that this substance, found in 1200 plants in God’s creation, is another line of defense against cancer. Numerous effective cures for cancer have been found by various individuals over the years. Even maple syrup and baking soda has been mentioned.

      There’s even a possiblity that physics may have a solution which could transmute radioisotopes over large areas; scalar electromagnetics, electrogravitics, HAARP.

  3. Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts and feelings. You are doing such important work. I admire your spirit of perseverance despite all you have suffered. Please keep up the great work and know that your blog followers support you 100% . Thank you again.

  4. Please keep this blog going. You are doing a wonderful job. I rely heavily on the information you provide (as Im sure alot of other people do too). Where can we donate to, to help keep Fukushima Diary going?

  5. I am so very sorry for your health and the lies you have to endure with the pain and your suffering. We are lied here to in the U.S.A. about how bad the radiation really is, I live in Cali and we got large waves when you guys got hit. Now debris is floating up the coast of the western side and I believe we are getting radiation as well. Our government lies about everything too, like chemtrails and the oil spill (disaster) in the gulf of Mexico. They are selling poisioned seafood world wide that have toxic oil and corexit in them and say it is safe. They serve it to military and put it on shelves and resturants for people to eat and even pet food. I plan to leave, you should not be in Japan. It is so unsafe. I pray for your safety and health and to start over. Our leaders are murderers who only care about the big money they make hiding the truth. Blessings, Robin in Los Angeles California

  6. Hi Mochizuki,

    Your posts are definitely of high value and very important. Want you transmit here proves excellent researches.

    I want to tell you about radio elements and the lungs : lungs need seven years to achieve 100% of renewal. Respiratory system wall cells have a 3 month turnover, meaning it is renewed in three months for the most external cells which are in contact with air. For the wall cells of the gut system, this is done in three days! So the time that radio element has to irradiate is very different and lung cells get too high doses to properly recover. They are damaged much more. I know scientists say radio elements get stuck in lungs for ever, but it is not exact truth.

    The very active radio elements will leave a damaged, burned place with a surrounding of more or less healthy cells. These last cells are in an imbalanced state that can be addressed and helped. The very burned part is more difficult to recover, but persons can apply the burn secret and have astonishing results, depending on how deep it has been burned, to what extend and for how long.

    In Switzerland oncology and burn hospital departments give the phone numbers of people doing this burn secret to diminish efficiently the extend of burn and leave only very little scares to their patients. This also for radiotherapies as I stated before, oncology. The secret for stopping heamorragia exist too and is used by some open minded doctors, surgers,…

    Coming back to lungs, mucus secretion and expectoration represents another way out of the lungs.

    On other interesting connected subjects, I wanted to share these :

    The first link speaks about selectivity the body is able to do to put priority on the most vital processes in the body, giving it the best of nutrients.

    The second is about the percentage of transfer from soil to plant of radio cesium or radio strontium depending of the soil’s minerals or soil’s health and depending on time. It took me about ten readings to have good understanding, but it is very small text full of great implications.

    I conclude plant’s health determine the quantity and the quality of intake of radio elements… just as we do. The health is connected and interdependant with the environment and we are all connected…

    For the best understanding, best recovering of all people here and for the truth,
    with my profound respect and deep gratitude to you

  7. こんにちは いおりさん




  8. Thank you, it’s nice to see your face and hear you talking (very good english btw congrats) and of course being safe in Europe with us.

    Take care and don’t stop your work on the diary!
    Hope everybody in Japan will make a good decision soon and leave the island for another safer place…

    ps: very cute hat, you look like a little child with this on your head XD

  9. Thank you for the posting the news and keeping the rest of the world infomed even while suffering ill health. It must be bitter sweet to be away from the contamination and feeling better but at the same time knowing others cannot leave.

    The rest of us will have to continue to find ways to share the news and reach out to those who need help and one make the world nuclear free. Thank you again for you efforts it is so important!

  10. I think the most important improvements you can make to increase the audience of your great site (and this way increase donations) are :
    – automatically approve the comments (like Enenews and Ex-SKF); this way we can discuss together in the comments of your articles here instead of discussing under the copy of your articles at Enenews, and if we spend more time here your site will feel more useful. People like freedom of speech. Blogs with comments delayed make people go away : people feel unwanted, rejected. Try to become less Japanese and more tolerant of rude and critical Western people !
    😉 Try to make us feel like it is more our site and less your site !
    – ask some people from the USA to rewrite all you articles in perfect English; this way your articles will sound more professional, and will be quoted by more sites, and attract more comments. It does not matter if your articles are posted 10 hours later because of that. Quality of language is more important. We are used to read articles written in perfect English on internet. Articles written in bad English are not taken seriously by many people. For me it is OK since I am French. But still, I would prefer if they were written flawlessly.
    Anyway, thank you for your very very important site, and I will send you money again later, because you really deserve it.

    1. I agree with most of your post. Letting people identified as ok comment more will increase the audience of the blog and make it more alive.
      However to do this, Lori needs a bit more time to adjust to his new environment and our cultural differencies. The Westerner way of talking and debate can sometimes be very confusing to someone who’s not used to it.

      By the way Lori, you look great ! Happy to see you and hear you.

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