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Hello everyone. I’m Mochizuki Iori. Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary all the time.

I’m trying to make a video like Arnie Gundersen or C busby.

I stayed in Japan for 9 months after 311. I knew I was exposed but I couldn’t leave.
In this Winter, I became able to evacuate thanks to Fukushima diary finally.
When I was in Japan, I was so sick. I started having diarrhea since last summer. got sore throat and fatigue. From autumn to winter, I started caughing and couldn’t stop in December. I took double dose of coughing meds.
I became fine soon as I came to Europe. I really appreciate my host family.
I left my pet, family, friends and lost my apt, jobs, and life in Japan. but I don’t want to go back to the sick life anymore. Around this time of last year, I used to go to a spa near my house every weekend and had rotenburo. I miss it so much but don’t feel like having a cesium bath anymore. NO thank you .
I was in Yokohama, 250 km away from Fukushima. took care about food but tried to take enough nutrition. even took calcium tablets. but still became sick. My diarrhea was like water in the end.
I had to cook with bottled water and used volvic to wash my eyes.

And now cesium pollen is starting to fly. I really wanted to avoid that so I had to be away from Japan by February. Radiation taken into your lungs can never be taken away. You can’t reverse it.
“Experts” say we only need to wear mask or something but I have always had hay fever, which means I still breathe pollen through mask. It’s bullshit. and even if you can avoid it with mask, what will you do next year or next next year ? and pollen doesn’t just come to your nostrils. It falls on rice field, farms and river head. People say we can remove cesium from food by this way of cooking bla bla bla, but will you do that for the rest of your life ? Radiation is stocked in your body endlessly.

Now reactor 4 is a hot word. I personally think there is the fuel in reactor too because you see the recently endless leakage at reactor 4. It’s from the reactor. If there is no fuel in reactor, why do they need to have water in it ? Anyway, now all the reactors are on the edge. and nothing has been improved since 311. and technically, you can do nothing to the melted fuel rods. Even THE Japanese government talks it may take 40 years to take them away. They are liars so it would take way longer. I would be almost 70 years old then. How could I live with bear nuclear fuel for 40 years ?
We are not like beatles or anything. We live longer than a year. We need a long term vision.

yes, so I would be willing to die if I can let the world know Japanese government is a liar. They are murder. Do not trust them.

At the end, today I removed all the advertisement from the blog because it’s annoying and too distracting. so I’ll be happy if someone nicely makes me donation.
Fukushima Diary is attacked every 15 mins and run on 4 servers.

Currently, the alpha blogs about Fukushima are only 3, Enenews, ExSKF, and Fukushima diary. and Only ExSkf and Fukushima Diary are run by actual Japanese. If I stop blogging, no one gives spot light to nameless people dying of leukemia or cardiac infarct from Radiation in Japan. Lots of people lost their jobs and the future. so I can’t stop it even if it’s not profitable at all. I’m not allowed to stop it. I need your lots of support and advice. Thank you very much.



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