Fukushima local gov requested Tepco to update every 1 hour

Though NISA suggested it was just broken heating gauge,

Fukushima local government required Tepco to inform them of the temperature of the reactor every one hour.

They also requested Tepco to warn the potential risk caused by the increasing temperature promptly.




    1. Lol….sad but true…you know, it’s safe to farm & bring your kids back to school…smdh

  1. Great Idea!

    Local Government Officials have a vested interest in protecting their people from further radiologic exposure; or they will lose their OWN jobs and maybe more!

    All professionals in Japan should be standing up to hold TEPCO responsible for its policy of nuclear secrecy and spreading Nuclear Baloney (NB) instead of the truth!

    Remember the Japanese people now “own” a controlling interest in TEPCO since they had to bail out TEPCO because of this Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster!

  2. HOUR is up..where is the TEPCO report? Either it is being held by the government representative or TEPCO has not provided it.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure a potential risk would be more explosions….and TEPCO will not be able to keep lying and saying that the Fukushima is in a cool stage…..SMH

    1. Kamala I agree, once the super hot corium(s) start interacting with the ground water below the complex TEPCO will be powerless to do anything about it! If that happens then the entire Complex will become a No Go area and remember that there are enough tonnes of spent fuel rods there that must me monitored and cooled 24/7 or LIFE ON THE PLANET AS WE KNOW IT will change!

  4. What can anyone do to improve the situation in Fukushima?

    This is the question that every person must ask, and not just to TEPCO or it’s Japanese overseers!

    The Japanese People, now as large Owners of TEPCO, must demand an end to the Nuclear Baloney (NB that TEPCO has been allowed to force down the throats of the Japanese people and the World!

    For example:

    1. Why is the radioactive decontamination of Northern Japan being referred to by the nuclear industry as just “cleanup”? This is yet another PR attempt to put a smiling face on what for hundreds of thousands of people is a nuclear nightmare! The Gov’t. has not even revealed what their isotopic analysis has found, mostly talking only about Cesium which has been widely spread due to the reactor explosion, the triple meltdowns and of course the burning of radioactive tsunami debris…

    2. How can you have cold shut down without a “reactor”?

    There are only three piles of radioactiv­e junk in Fukushima and those are no longer reactors! For example:
    If a reactor blows up you have a burned out hulk or mass of scrap but you don;t have a reactor any more; that ceased to exist when it blew up… RE: Cold Shutdown: It is a misuse of the term to describe a reactor after meltdown as ‘in cold shutdown’. As the fuel assembly are destroyed and no shutdown is possible. Fuel is melted together and impossible to control directly. Even if pressure and temperatur­­e are not alarming momentaril­­y ‘cold shutdown’ implies complete control which is impossible after a core meltdown.

    Why can’t the Nuclear Industry accept that a melted down reactor is not a normal condition for a reactor which is shut down for any number of reasons and is ABLE TO BE STARTED UP AGAIN SAFELY!
    This is a perfect example of Nuclear Oriented Bad Science (N☢ BS) being used to provide dis-inform­ation to the public and only serves to call into question all those in the Industry that should be speaking out against this Nuclear Baloney (NB), instead of remaining quiet!

    3. Amazing: Japan Gone Nuts: NISA Declares No Contaminat­ed Water Leak From Fuku-I, in the Past, Now, and the Future!


    The national government under PM Noda is about to become the laughing stock of the world, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency is busy rewriting the definition of “leak”.

    Tokyo Shinbun reports that NISA has decided to basically “nullify” the leaks of contaminat­ed water from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in the past, and declare that there will be no leak in the future either, even if there is actually a leak or deliberate discharge. Why? Because NISA says so.

    NISA considers the amount of contaminat­ed water into the ocean to be zero

    There have been several leaks of water contaminat­ed with radioactiv­e materials from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Tokyo Shinbun has found out through own investigat­ion that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has treated the amount of the leaks as “zero” from a legal [or regulatory­] point of view, because it was a “state of emergency”­. The Agency has said it will treat the future leaks and deliberate discharges into the ocean the same way. The national government is scheduled to declare a “cold shutdown state” on December 16, but we are suspicious of the government­’s position that seems to ignore the suppressio­n of the radioactiv­e materials released from the plant, which is one of the important conditions [of the cold shutdown “state”].

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