Don’t try to fight radiation


Sorry for the low voice. I didn’t want to wake up the host family.

Thank you very much for donation.
I’m surprised at receiving them. Probably I can cover the server cost this month.

I saw one of the people donated from Japan, and it’s Chiba.
I strongly recommend you to evacuate if you haven’t yet.

Today, on my radio interview, I was asked what I think about someone who decided to stay in Japan and fight.
Honestly speaking, that’s meaningless. Just get out, and fight.
You have the internet. You can fight anywhere you go.
and if you stay in Japan, you’ll be sick worse and worse. At least radiation is not something to fight.

Now it’s almost 11 months. Some people are used to Geiger counter and think they know everything about radiation. but I think that’s very dangerous.
It takes ages to measure beta ray and geiger counter does not tell you the nuclide.
and the problem is not the “ray”. It’s the particle that you may breathe.

Most importantly, no matter how much you measure, radiation doesn’t decrease.
The concrete fact is, people died in Chernobyl. You will die if you are in Japan.

The summery of today’s news is,
reactor 2 is serious. On Second of February, it was 52 ℃. At 4 PM of Fifth in February, it’s already 71.7 ℃.
Tepco is supposed to give warning to local governments if it goes higher than 80, but you can never trust them.
They analyze it might be because something, maybe some debris changed or moved in the container vessel and the water doesn’t get to the melted fuel anymore. That’s pretty likely.

and now I’m writing the article but in the spent fuel pool of reactor “3”, the temperature is also going up ,so is reactor “5”.
This way, crisis may happen anytime.

Do not trust the government.



  1. Mr. Mochizuki it is important to live first and do what one can to protect themself from poison being offered. To loosely quote a famous saying, live today to fight the battles of another day.

    Many brave men took the option to escape, reevaluate and then reengage the adversary. I think you made the right choice, Iori, and believe you to be an ernest man.

    In your next engagement you may write a story, execute a painting, write a song. It is all as worthy as editing a website, and for selfish reasons we do hope you continue to edit; however if this escape causes deeper personal expression then that serves humanity as well.

    No story is ever really over, it just evolves and reshapes; such is life.

    Thank you for your work, Iori Mochizuki.

  2. Dear Lori,

    I appreciate you and what you do for all humanity. I’m happy that you escaped from Japan and that your health has improved.

    I believe in Holistic Health. That means that I think we need to understand the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of any illness.

    Japan is sick now. It isn’t just physical. It’s also mental. We can see the mental disease in the denial of the radiation and all the lies and deceptions.

    But there is a spiritual aspect to the illness which goes far beyond Japan. I feel it here in the United States and I know others who have detected it in Europe and as far away as New Zealand.

    The spiritual disease is characterized by loving money more than morality, power more than principle and victory more than virtue.

    It is a crisis of values. We have the wrong values GLOBALLY. We value personal happiness over collective health. We value power for the purpose of control over power for the purpose of mutuality. We value personal satisfaction of our desires over global sustainability for human needs.

    It’s a complete inversion of righteousness. We are doing evil every day and refuse to see it or talk about it. That’s the “disease” which has erupted at Fukushima.

    We have an evil philosophy which is destroying humanity and the Earth. We need a new philosophy. We need a new paradigm.

    This is going to require a lot of cooperation from a lot of people. We need to raise consciousness about many things, including how money has corrupted our values and created an evil purpose in our lives. That purpose is “control and domination” rather than “cooperation and mutuality.”

    We need to shift from control for the purpose of domination to cooperation for the purpose of consensus ( mutuality ).

    I sometimes refer to money as the “virus in our mind.” It has made us spiritually sick and has led to much unnecessary destruction. Fukushima is a prime example of how this works. At the root of it is the “love of money” or the love of control.

    Nuclear Power is mankind’s triumph over nature. But it is an illusion. Nature will always triumph over mankind because we ARE nature and cannot be separated from it.

    We need to all accept our own mortality, the knowledge that we will one day die. This has always been true but now we are learning to live with it because of Fukushima. It is a spiritual lesson for us to learn. Money has taught us that we could live forever, but that is an illusion. Everyone dies.

    The question for us to focus on is “How should we live?” Seek the truth. Speak the truth. Support the truth.


  3. You are absolutly right on that issue.

    We all have and are living in a mdia based world, where all we know is feed thru that system. And now that system is lying all the time. Infact the goverment and TEPCO hav lied from day one.

    Radiation dont damage people in any fammiliare way, a notion and a belife that people drops down and dies right waay, It dont work that way, I know from the latest reports about damages done to the plant, animals and insects that this is going to be bad.
    The real danger is time.
    Its been a year soon, the next year wil be worse and the manifistation of radioactive damages wil spike.

    Right now, we are feed drivel and a heep of non news. And so far everything is slowly deteriorationg and the sheer incompetence and arogance is covering up all this latest developent.

    Its not over and the worst is stil to come. The human body can in short term cope with this, but that is an ilution. A selfimposed one based on the lies and forgerys of facts based on the efect of Radioactivity.

    Gett out of Japan, before its to late.

  4. I think, maybe one should not only think too focused on a death toll by Fukushima. This also appears quite surreal to people.

    I think it takes alot, to bring life over the edge. When thousands of people die by radiation in short terms, millions suffer over a longer period of time.
    And even those who don’t suffer obviously, will have in one or another way a compromised health.

    Furthermore the scale of this disaster is geografically so large, that japanese people probably will not be able react in the most sustaining way for live.

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