Don’t try to fight radiation


Sorry for the low voice. I didn’t want to wake up the host family.

Thank you very much for donation.
I’m surprised at receiving them. Probably I can cover the server cost this month.

I saw one of the people donated from Japan, and it’s Chiba.
I strongly recommend you to evacuate if you haven’t yet.

Today, on my radio interview, I was asked what I think about someone who decided to stay in Japan and fight.
Honestly speaking, that’s meaningless. Just get out, and fight.
You have the internet. You can fight anywhere you go.
and if you stay in Japan, you’ll be sick worse and worse. At least radiation is not something to fight.

Now it’s almost 11 months. Some people are used to Geiger counter and think they know everything about radiation. but I think that’s very dangerous.
It takes ages to measure beta ray and geiger counter does not tell you the nuclide.
and the problem is not the “ray”. It’s the particle that you may breathe.

Most importantly, no matter how much you measure, radiation doesn’t decrease.
The concrete fact is, people died in Chernobyl. You will die if you are in Japan.

The summery of today’s news is,
reactor 2 is serious. On Second of February, it was 52 ℃. At 4 PM of Fifth in February, it’s already 71.7 ℃.
Tepco is supposed to give warning to local governments if it goes higher than 80, but you can never trust them.
They analyze it might be because something, maybe some debris changed or moved in the container vessel and the water doesn’t get to the melted fuel anymore. That’s pretty likely.

and now I’m writing the article but in the spent fuel pool of reactor “3”, the temperature is also going up ,so is reactor “5”.
This way, crisis may happen anytime.

Do not trust the government.



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