This article took me a whole day to write.

I’m aware that this article will makes you awkward. It does make me.

Currently, the donation is the only money source of me. I don’t want to go back to advertisement economy, which is only about traffic, pagerank, and adsense. I want to keep it quality.

5USD is totally enough. Still it’s so much better than advertisement in many meanings.

I would love you to throw me a penny if you find an article useful. I’m working all day to find useful information from multiple continents.

Please don’t go free ride. I trust you.

Sorry for the strange post.

It’s not just money. It’s also the feedback and confident in what I’m doing. I hope you to understand it.

    1. Thank you. It’s not really amount of the money. The fact that you pay attention to me cheers me.

    2. hey your articles ane very informative all the gods are happy with you keep up the good work and stay safe you remind me of john lennon where do i send a donation ?

      1. I look more like Ozzy Osborne. haha Please find the donation button on the bottom of the articles ! Thanks !

      2. lol that makes me feel happy when peolpe listen to me too 🙂 ive been watching a bit, but i just recently found you you are a good person i admire you greatly for your courage to tell the truth you have great strength of character to use that anger in a positive way please let me know where to send $ I would like to meet a man this great some day

  1. Are you able to acknowledge donations? Just the name or something from the paypal transaction would be good. If I sent you something it would be good to know that you had received it and that it had not just got lost in paypal’s system.

    Or a response via paypal would be equally good.

    No. I am not looking for fame. Just to have some reassurance that anything I send is actually in your hands.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Iori !
    I sent you $45 a couple minutes ago. You deserve it ! 🙂
    If I had a very good website as my main work and were asking people for money, maybe I would put my monthly budget and every donation on a page for all to see. Total transparency. I think maybe this way more people would be comfortable giving, and donations, after some months, would be more balanced and regular, like hundreds of people all giving more or less $5 or $10 each month for example.
    Anyway, keep going ! But do not forget to take some time off to rest your mind and body ! Going to bed early is important to have a strong immune system, going out under the sun boosts natural vitamin D production by your body, and meditation is also very good for the immune system, to help your body fight the radioactivity inside.
    Do you have enough money to eat organic food ? It is important too !

    1. Thank you very much for your donation ! I got it perfect.
      Now I’m supported by my host families but if some people donate me 5USD or so regularly, I could finally buy organic food myself.

  3. I sent you 10 Euro! Take care. If you are in the area near Frankfurt post and I can house you for free for a month or two.

  4. I’ll definitely throw money into your hat. I’ve been meaning to. I just wanted to tell you a little about some of your audience, since you do such a good job and I figured you would be interested in knowing who you reach.

    As an administrator of a mother’s forum I have been following the Fukushima crisis. I’ve sounded the alarm there and on other websites. I see that our babies are at risk. We women are at risk too. Rising global background radiation levels are, I believe, making the rates of stroke in pregnant women rise. This is without Fukushima being in the picture. As you well know, babies are very vulnerable, in the womb they are a thousand times more vulnerable.

    So after Fukushima I made you a regular stopping place to grab information and share it with others. I want to wake them up. So far, I have seen my family and a handful of others make meaningful choices to stay out of radioactive rainfall and not eat radioactive fish from the Pacific.

    Lately, the thyroid tests on children have me alarmed. In Chernobyl the children didn’t start getting tumors until 4-6 years later. In Fukushima it is happening now, less than a year later. So the mothers on the West Coast and other spots along the jet stream have a few years to go before they see consequences. But if Japan is this bad already, we know the Canada and the US, as well as other countries are going to suffer.

    As a result, I’ve chosen to do a number of things with my lifestyle which I believe with help us adapt to the global radiation changes. For one thing, I’m working towards eating foods grown in humic acid rich soil. For another, we are stocked up on apple pectin, spirulina, and other radiation protective foods. We actually try to eat the stuff rather than have it sit on our shelves looking pretty. We are careful to avoid spreading dirt from outdoors into the house. The xenon in the air becomes cesium (and other radioactive particles) which will fall anywhere there is rain and must not be tracked inside, or at least kept to a minimum. We also try to have well water instead of rain fed sources. There’s no way to block it all but we have to change our lifestyles now, even outside of Fukushima or we will never adapt and survive as a species.

    I also pray daily for the cure to our madness and the poisons we’ve poured into the earth, water and sky.

    Thank you for all that you do. You give the mothers and their families a fighting chance to see what is coming and brace ourselves. I do not think Fukushima is done with us. Your position in this battle is key. Blessings, Jess

    P.S. I think you do such a wonderful job with the English language. It must be challenging. I’m learning Spanish and got to see first hand how hard it is to take on a second language, so I have a lot of respect for what you have accomplished. English speakers need to know what is happening in Japan. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Thank’s for sharing Jessica,

      I so much appreciate to hear people watching out and finding their way with best possible solutions. And especially when trying to tell other mothers… great! I do the same with my family, sometimes zeolith, sometimes pectine, calcium, iodine tincture, miso, clay water, magnesium chloride, Epson salt baths, EPA oil, spirulina, green magma, sauerkraut, eating organic… and I believe it has best effects on long term basis. I observe it on my patients, I have no doubts. Just no excessive dosage, shifting to different of these substances, no overloading but regularily, a little of three or four of these every two or three days for the wholefamiy

  5. What you are doing is true journalism.

    Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good. You deserve it.

    1. Oh thank you very much. Please ignore the “packet”. It’s just the difference of the amount to donate. I needed to give it some noun from the program issue of Paypal.

      1. Ah, I see. Sorry for the delayed response–we are between places right now. Will send some now and more later when I figure out what is going on with our living situation. Thanks for your work!!

  6. Mochizuki Iori san
    Fukushima Diary makes me feel like having good friends everyday. Thank you so much. I have been learning so many things through your blog—–such as what is happening in Japan and world—–how the government is manipulating and killing people—–what to eat or not to eat. I’m still trying to talk to my relatives and friends in Japan about how evecuation is necessary right now. Do not want to lose them—–they live in Tokyo, Saitama, Ibaraki. —–I even could not have thought about evacuation without Fukushima Diary. Iori-san, whenever you need something in Europe or elsewhere, we will help you. Is it possible to contact you by email? ——–I just would like to ask you some questions.
    Thanks. Take care.

  7. Mochizuki – you are an inspiration.
    It is hard to get up every morning, when you really think about things – the tragic state of things.
    Thank you for your perseverance.
    Also, I have made a donation of support – but I do not have a problem at all, if there is advertising on the FD site. In fact, whatever can help you keep body and soul together, is more than acceptable.
    I think you should have both; a donation button and also advertising. And don’t feel bad. Even if the adds are a little distracting; I can still read the news you post, and I’m grateful. Peace.

  8. Please don’t ever feel bad about asking for money… if you need it just ask. Given all that you provide for free to strangers on the internet, I’m sure the universe will provide back to you as needed. I will make a donation as well. I’ve been meaning to for a long time as I visit your site every day from Northern California. I can’t thank you enough for all your great work.

    PS: Maybe you should consider compiling some of your posts into an eBook that tells the story of the Fukushima disaster from your eyes with more detail about your escape from it. You can use or CreateSpace to publish to multiple platforms or go direct to Amazon to publish there. Many of your supporters here would probably buy the book and promote it to there friends, so it could be a really good way to raise funds. I’m sure you could even get volunteers to help you edit the English if you like. Your story really needs to be told to a wider audience.

    1. Thank you so much.
      Yes, yes, I’m looking for a ebook publisher. want the contents of this blog read by non-blog readers somehow.

  9. I have sent 30USD via paypal.
    Thank you for the work you are doing. I am surprised the govt. is not stopping you from spreading the word to the rest of the world, and also to your own people.
    I agree with earlier poster, you need to fill your own rice bowl so you can keep on doing your good work. Ads would not bother me a bit, in whatever language. But I expect you have all you can do to research and write up what information you can find.
    Still, if you contacted the sellers of geiger counters/radiation detection devices and the pills that protect the thyroid (sorry, I’m old and the brain doesn’t remember the name of everything) I imagine they would love to pay you to post their ads. In the US, those of us without TV don’t hear much of what is happening at Fukushima.
    Wishing you many blessings as you work to inform the world of what the commercial press will not tell us.
    With my kindest regards, MJH

    1. Thank you for donation. I really need a secretary to organize geiger ads or anything. haha I’m too occupied.

  10. Thank you for your strength.
    It is important but difficult work you are doing in telling the world.
    Caring is our life support, many are awakening. May you feel the kindness and love of all those who care as do you.

  11. Dear Iori Mochizuki,

    In Switzerland, people are very shy to say how much they earn. Only best friends eventually know and in US it’s one of the first thing said between two strangers who meet. I don’t know how japanese manage this subject, but I can say I would be more comfortable, on internet that you give a detailed counts on how many hours you work and how many single donations you received this week and how many you receive recurrently on monthly donations. This is because it is very difficult to estimate how many people participate and for what amount. Could be enormous and could be close to nothing. I personally hate advertisings, but would feel relaxed to know exactly what is needed to make this blog continue. So if we are very few people following your blog and are interested that it continues, we must make bigger donation, if many follow this blog, then telling yours needs and telling them again should lead to a balance. And if you have a wish or a project put it also as an ad, this also helps for each to donate. I would prefer these informations in the place of advertisings, so I would feel linked to you and relaxed, otherwise I will always ask myself if I could not give a little more, are you ok, will the blog survive and news go on,…I would be happy if you had full pay same rate as you were used to or would earn in Japan. You are a good researcher and are gaining lot of knowledge on the subject.

    I want news from you and I want more news from people like you on current specific subjects. Thank you.

    PS: please tell me if you receive my monthly donation. It’s not easy to trust Paypal, you can put my name for my donations, yes it could be the easiest way to be sure you get it each time.

    PSS Please make a balance in your life for food and mind. For these two aspects, you must look at yourself in long term with confidence. Thank God for your humble presence.

    1. Yes, thank you so much. I will write settlement report on the daily basis.
      Oh did you kindly make a recurring donation to me ? May I have your email address?
      I think Paypal is ok trustworthy. I have been using it for 6 years but have not had any trouble so far.

  12. Is there a mailing address for those of us who do not do business on the internet?

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