172 packs of Fukushima cucumbers deceptively labelled as from Hokkaido


The biggest risk to live in Japan is contaminated food. Even if you choose food from western Japan or far north Japan, the label of origin is sometimes false. Because food producers and the distributers are not aware of the health risk of radiation, they don’t feel guilty about that.

Tohonosan, an agricultural product’s distribution company in Osaka deceptively mis-labelled the origin of 172 packs of Fukushima cucumbers.(174kg) They labelled them as from Hokkaido, 630km from Fukushima plant.

172 packs of Fukushima cucumbers deceptively labelled as from Hokkaido

The company only received business improvement order from Osaka on 8/3/2012.

However, Osaka local government states these passed the radiation test of Fukushima, not harmful for health.

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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – 172 paquets de concombres de Fukushima faussement étiquetés d’Hokkaido.
    Par Mochizuki, le 5 août 2012.

    Le plus grand risque à vivre au Japon est la nourriture contaminée. Même si vous choisissez de la nourriture de l’Ouest ou du grand Nord du Japon, l’étiquetage de son origine est parfois faux. Parce que les producteurs et distributeurs ne font pas attention au risque sanitaire d’irradiation, ils ne s’en sentent pas coupables.

    Tohonosan, une société de distribution de produits agricoles d’Osaka a faussement étiqueté l’origine de 172 paquets de concombres de Fukushima.(174 kg) Ils les ont étiquetés comme provenant d’Hokkaido, à 630 km des usines de Fukushima.


    La société n’a reçu d’Osaka qu’un ordre d’amélioration commerciale, le 3 août 2012.

    La municipalité d’Osaka affirme quand même que le le contrôle de radioactivité de Fukushima a été effectué, ce n’est pas dangereux pour la santé.

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  2. What would you do if someone mislabeled a cucumber like this and sold it to you? I know what I’d do.

    I hope the buyers in Osaka at a minimum put this vendor out of business and definately make an example of the company and its executives.

    This deception is an assault, or even attempted murder. Maybe eventually will be murder (but we won’t ever know for sure). In any case, the most severe punishment is warranted. They knew what they were doing. They knew some people believe it to be harmful. And they did it anyway. They should not be allowed to sell food products ever again. All of their assets should be siezed and used to pay for cancer treatment in Osaka.

    This won’t happen under the Noda/DPJ government. Japan needs to elect leaders who take radiation risks seriously.

    I have heard that organized crime syndicates would sometimes involve themselves in matters like this when the police and justice system are ineffective. Is this still the case?

    And is this the company?


    Phone 06-4862-8055

    1. What would you do if someone mislabeled a cucumber like this
      sold it to you?

      wow, pretty much sums it up
      would be nice if you were wrong
      but I think that maybe wishful thinking.

  3. Consequences of consumption of contaminated food will show some time later. When will people get aware that their health is in great danger and that of future generations too ?
    Read the precious advice given in Divine Messages on
    in order to protect as much as is still possible.

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