Tepco is sued for Act for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes


A citizen’s association “Protect sanriku sea from nuclear contamination” from Miyagi, Iwate and Aomori sued Katsumata, the chairman of Tepco, Tepco and 2 other people for Act for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes relating to Human Health.

The reason is “Knowing the risk of Tsunami before 311, Tepco did not take any prevention for the nuclear plants to cause a risk of human lives.”

It is the first case to sue them about Fukushima nuclear disaster for Act for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes relating to Human Health.



  1. I love your work Iori and appreciate your dedication, sacrifices, etc, but sometimes a lot is lost in the translation, I’m sure some of the people on here would be willing to help you proofread your English posts to iron out the rough spots in some of the translations……..

    1. I don’t translate it. I’m not meant to import the Japanese stupidity into my article. I just take the 1% of what really matters and cut off all the irrelevant information only to make it look less severe.

  2. For example: Tepco is sued under the “Punishment for Environmental Pollution Crimes” Act.

  3. they need to add the developers and contractors to the suit , and oversight groups . Toshiba , Hitachi , Areva , and General Electric should be added to the culpable parties being sued .

  4. Good for them. People in the northwest US or California or elsewhere whose farmland has been contaminated should also sue Tepco. In California small claims court, according to a recent article about a woman suing Honda, attorneys are not allowed. This levels the playing field out a little. The maximum limit is $10,000. Why couldn’t a farmer sue for each parcel of land contaminated, looking at one at a time?

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