Roads in Tokyo will be shut down at emergency

Metropolitan police department decided to ban some roads (Highway and normal roads) in emergency situation such as earthquake etc..

It’s supposed to let ambulance and fire truck go smoothly, but it means you can not escape when you really need to evacuate. (Source)

For the readers living around in Tokyo, I would like to post the maps of the roads you can’t use.

Now that the Spent Fuel Pool of reactor 4 is in the crisis, it is important to know that you can not use your car to move.

Colored roads will be banned.


  1. Things could escalate really quickly.

    They could announce their plans to abandon the capital in a month or two, which would cause general panic.

    They want people to stay, work and pay off their debts until they die. They don’t want change.

    There could be a restriction imposed on Japanese citizens who want to leave the country, or even move within the country. In terms of freedom of movement, it could become like the east European block in the 1980s: somewhat possible, but with heavy surveillance.

    Expats will be fine, but there might be a problem if they want to leave the country with their Japanese spouses or children.

    It’s unthinkable — but it is possible. Even likely.

    I am so glad you got out, Mochizuki-san. You did the right thing.

  2. this means that politicians will be able to leave Tokyo without being anoyed, but people will be let down to whatever is left.

  3. oh! I forgot to add, and the policians might need to evacuate if there is another explosion in one of the reactor. People in Tokyo? Well they won’t know Politicians have evacuated until after it is too late for them to avoid fallouts.

  4. Dear brother

    I dicovered your excellent homepage recently, very good work, thanks,
    I Think that this project to close roads in Tokyo belongs to a typical american psy-op…
    First, We saw the same poor strategy in New Orleans, in New York, recently with brothers in L.A., Portland, every where where people stood up against financial dictature, against banks, Wall Street, to persecute people, to protect the global financial debt of american government…
    Second point of view, the financial business of the “global debt” (I think about primary dealers) is a “global fiasco” and we are waiting for a new global “financial bubble” and waiting for many bankruptcies in the financial world, banks, hedge funds…
    Three, American and british Hedge Funds are preparing a new fiasco of democrats, a new departure for Republicans and Tories.
    Four, global assets of Japan are in UK, in the City, and the City is on the line of the krasch…
    I Think today NODA works on this type of psy-op, orders from CIA, Washington, London and from bankers, and traders, this is a kind of local marketing operation and New York-London-Tokyo stock exchange strategy and financial operation (yen/US$), like military jets or “copters”(yesterday Blackwater/X-Service troops in the sky of New Orleans today everywhere in the world) in the japanese sky…
    Five, Obama shows the flag of a new military budget in US, more and more F-35, NODA does the same poorly, he is the flag of the “Third US way”, the alternative way of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, JP Morgan CHASE or of Goldman Sachs, new american neocon/neoliberal (Campbell) and “democrats” way in Pacific and Asia you know ?!

    I don’t think Tokyo wants something else. Sure we have a nuclear problem but NODA has no global power in the political and financial world, he is a political and a financial nut…and I think, Iori, this a temporary measure (however your web and colored documents are very importants for all of us)…but this measure is built on the 311 nuclear fiasco and…911 financial fiasco coming this year, so “roads and copters” !….”Business as usual” !!

    Six the head of intellectuals and of propaganda of the PNAC and of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Gary Schmitt (neocon, something like american Goebbels) was on NHK recently, this means for japanese citizens “military psy op” (post North Korea) against China…”Roads and copters” ! “We are coming !” this is the military and political doctrine of the “Unknown Danger” pure neocon propaganda…serious obviously.

    I am a french global activist and writer in Ibaraki, full time.
    All the best friend, see you,

  5. Je vous apporte toute mon énergie a continuer de nous informer si brillamment. Une évacution au dela de la zone actuel est en préparation et nécessaire.
    Faite une telle annnonce couperait le japon en 2 (nord et sud). Depuis le France nous nous tenons informé sur la question du nucléair. Vous pouvez me contacter via mp pour des renseignements que vous ne trouveriez pas

    I bring you all my energy has to continue to inform us so splendidly. A évacution of an expanse zone is in preparation and necessities.
    Of course this annnonce would cut Japan in 2 (the North and the South). Since France we are held informed about the question of the nucléair. You can contact me via pm for information which you would not find.

  6. >”Now that the Spent Fuel Pool of reactor 4 is in the crisis”

    Could you post some source/evidence on that, please?

  7. During and after the 311 earthquakes I told my husband that Tokyo is like a ねずみ捕り器 (rat trap)… I think cars don’t help much anyway, too many people live here. maybe the safest way would be finding an underground way to escape in case evacuation would be necessary…

  8. Message of March 16th recommended to evacuate Tokyo. Since then, this recommendation has been repeated many times and has been proved justified manyfold.

  9. Greetings everybody, greetings people of Japan and especially the people in the area of Tokyo.

    The fact, that the informations provided in this blog entry were made available to the public through metropolitan police, can – and in my opinion: should – be read as a signal by the officials, that every citizen in Tokyo and its vincinity (especially the areas in the northeast – the direction of Daiichi) can understand and take for granted as a civilized and rationally given offer to move on free will NOW – in the best case carefully planned by the local citzens themselves – with their heads straight and their thoughts clear. And without hysteria.

    It appears, that the time for a move like this has finally come. And i definitely respect the way, the japanese government and the (supposedly existant) international crisis staff acts now. It is an act of humanity in times of despair not to give up on the people without trying any promisiing mode of evacuation, even if it is unprecedented. One has to face the fact, that this is an endeavour never taken before: The peaceful and unavoidably partial self-organized evacuation of a big urban area with more than 13.000.000 citizens – with the necessity to find for them a place to stay, feed them, provide medical care for them… maybe to ship them to a completely new vincinity… maybe to build entire new cities… for example at the east coast of Russia.

    This is no blind guess but a possible option. The russian government declared openly and unmistakeably within the first week of the accident, that they would provide land in Siberia for all evacuees of Japan without hesitation, if an evacuation becomes inevitable. I am sure as one can be, that they really meant, what they said, and that they still mean it. Why shouldn’t they? They know, what it means to face an INES 7 event and just acted and act reasonable and humane at the same time. The same stands for their offer to send emergency troops to the crippled reactors. In case of authorization, they will recruit old veterans from the days of Chernobyl on a free will basis. The Liquidators, who survived Chernobyl and now are in their 50’s and 60’s (~90% of those ~1.000.000, who went into the inferno, survived up to the present day according to the IPPNW) and many – maybe really many – of them will agree in going to another radioactive inferno once more, if it is absolutely necessary that someone goes in to save an abundand number of people’s lives.

    And there will be other volunteers. From Japan, from Russia… who knows, from where else? People who decide that it is especially on them now to face a catastrophical situation eye to eye and agree in making a hard decision – and accept the call. These people can and will be regarded as the most responsible persons living on earth at this time. On site, they will have to build the (officially?) planned underground concrete and steel structure to finally contain the liquid leakages from the reactors – if underground earth works are still possible facing the actual radiation situation under and close to the reactor site. And they have to provide the sealing of the ruins to the atmosphere. Let’s hope for the best during the coming days, weeks and months, that these tasks can be accomplished. For all of us.

    Coming back to the question, how to leave Tokyo the best possible way – if one decides to leave. Regarding the fact, that the radiation levels rise rather temperately at the moment because of the relatively slow dissipation ways (no open fire) and the relatively moderate – but nevertheless steady and increasing, no doubt about that – spill from the plant, it is not necessary to regard the evacuation as a matter of hours, as it was the situation in Pripyat (Ukraine), but rather one of days and/or weeks… just as the primary evacuations in the 30km-radius around Fukushima was carried out. Therefore it is possible to regard the leaving of Tokyo as a sad but unevitable exodus. There is no need for headless or badly-planned – more or less chaotic – getaways.

    If one decides to leave – and all signs at the moment seem to show to me, that this time finally has come – one should pack passports and all necessary documents for traveling, air filter masks if available, plus what he or she thinks, is of the greatest value for him/her. Organize – as completely as possible – a travel to relatives and/or friends living far enough away. If people join together in medium-sized groups on a self-organized basis, it will further ease logistic planning for all who are involved, including the workers in the transportational infrastructure and – parallel to that – for the (maybe soon emerging) evacuation organizing staffs. I recommend to use trains and/or overland buses, because by doing so, typical traffic jam scenarios on major roads which potentially can get out of control can be avoided.

    If you don’t know, where to go exactly, choose a destination on your own, preferably one along the west coast – according to the dominant wind direction in northern Japan being from west to east. And when arriving there, go straight to a local office and declare yourself as a refugee and ask for a stay. They can’t send you away. That would be a violation of international law, the more if it happens in a situation of crisis and whether a state of emergency was officially declared by the local government or not. It’s a fundamental human right, that cannot be abandoned: To stay away from an apparent, acute and grave danger for one’s health. Just as the danger coming from the crippled reactors and the spent fuel pools of Fukushima Daiichi.

    In the current situation, fast, direct and consequent help from everybody will be needed – it worked out in 1986/87… therefore, i think, there is still much hope. And a future worth living for all refugees.

    The best wishes deep from my heart to everybody, who faces major changes in his or her life right now due to the disaster. Never allow any doubt, that health for oneself and for one’s beloved ones is the most valuable thing, any man or woman or child can have in life. And that a straight head and clear thoughts are the best agent when dealing with exceptional situations like this. As a rule of thumb, one may say: “Always WALK away from the danger. Never RUN from it. Because soon, everybody will run… and stumble… and fall. Move faster only, if there is clear evidence of a sharp intensification of the faced danger, and if running really promises to raise the chances to escape the danger… never run headlessly and/or blindly. This way, a peaceful exodus can succeed.

    Good luck to all people of Japan. We stand with you.

    Florian Matthias Zschage
    (Kiel, Northern Germany, 12th of January 2012)

    PS: I am no official or anyone, who has direct insight into classified documents regarding actual evacuation plans for now or for the upcoming future. All above assumptions and recommendations base on non-classified information coming from all kinds of sources, especially from,,, and other (in my opinion) useful and reliable sources. Additional to that, my general knowledge concerning the physics and medical implications of radioactivity ran in, just as my general knowledge of evacuation strategies for densely populated areas.

    Think it all through, make your own assumptions based on all the information you gathered for yourself. Then compare and evaluate it all. Then decide. And if you decide to leave, tell others about it and about the most appropriate and responsible leaving behaviour as it appears from your point of view. And once again: Good luck to you all!

    1. Hey Florian,
      ich habe deine Anfrage von unserem Infostand mal an die zuständige Bundestagsabgeornete geschickt und folgende Antwort erhalten:
      Sehr geehrte Frau Ohm,
      schauen Sie doch bitte auf Frau Kotting-Uhls Website, besonders die Reiseberichte aus Japan:

      Ebenso können Sie auf der Seite der grünen Bundestagsfraktion fündig werden:

      Mit den besten Grüßen
      Britta Schöffel

      Auf jeden Fall wird sich weiter damit beschäftigt…
      Viele Grüße, maggy

      1. Besten Dank, Maggy! 🙂

        Ich bin gerade zufällig hier vorbeigekommen, da ich mal wieder einem meiner besten Freunde versuche klarzumachen, was Sache ist… und sehe dann hier diese Nachricht von Dir! Eine schöne Überraschung. 🙂 Hoffen wir weiterhin das beste. :/

        Und Danke! 🙂

        PS: Wenn sich in der nächsten Zeit etwas wichtiges Neues ergibt, melde ich mich wieder am Infostand oder direkt bei Frau Kotting-Uhl.

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