Possible organic damage of cerebral nerve for people in Kanto area

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/organic-problem-of-nerve-caused-by-radiation/

Some people are noticing cerebral nerve damage among people especially in Kanto area.

This is the tweet of the person who runs Minnano karute, where people share the records of the symptoms online.

ncb01721 みんなのカルテ
@onodekita 先生、ご報告です。このところ症状を伝えるために送られてくるDMやメールの文体そのものがおかしくなってきています。一ヶ月前にまともに文章を書けたハツラツとしていた人が整合性のある文章を書けなくなってきています。この5日ほどからです。
2012.01.08 10:35 twitter


@onodekita(A physician in Kyushu. has an experience to work at a nuclear plant.) san, I would like to report you a thing. Recently, people’s direct mails on twitter or emails to report the symptoms to us are becoming more and more grammatically messed up .

Though he wrote perfect sentences one month ago, the person can’t write a thing logically now. It’s been observed since about 5 days ago.



onodekita onodekita
数は少ないですが、私もそう言う印象を受けます QT @ncb01721: @onodekita 先生、ご報告です。このところ症状を伝えるために送られてくるDMやメールの文体そのものがおかしくなってきています。一ヶ月前にまともに文章を書けたハツラツとしていた人が整合性のある文章を書
2012.01.08 18:43 twitter


I don’t receive so much emails to report symptoms, but I have the same impression too.



ncb01721 みんなのカルテ
@GoodBye_Nuclear 正直に申し上げれば、数ヵ月後、つまり二三ヵ月後、こうした本人からの報告が継続可能かどうか、はっきりできると言い切れない方たちもいます。非常にピッチが早いです。
2012.01.08 12:03 twitter


Honestly speaking, I’m not quite sure if these people can continue reporting logically in 2 or 3 months later from now. The symptom is becoming worse very quickly.



KinositaKouta 木下黄太 ←A Japanese journalist


At my lecture at Shirahama, I talked about my concern about the organic damage to the brain by radionuclides in Tokyo area for the first time. I feel like it’s going faster than we ever expected. The bad points of the personality are becoming more obvious, not answering the question directly and stick to different topics, forgetting about contents of the conversations. I often feel like, this person was not like this.



  1. Thank you for your efforts. We do not very easily get to see this kind of information here in pro nuke U.S.A.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. This have becomed a Tjernobyl on steroids, and everything is acelerating in a tempo thats downright frightening.

    It caled a autoimune systemic beakdown, and that is the begning of a wide range of problems, and even worse, they are all realted to eatch others.

    I firmly belive that systemic breakdowns like ADHD/AIDS a.s.o. is related to chemical/radioactiv poisoning. The different isotops goes different ways inside a body. Its attatched to differnt minerals and compunds, transported thruout our bodys. Of corse the brain wil be affected.
    Did they expect anything else, it affects all living organic systems.

    This is a full spectrum poisoning, and its nothing to do exept to move away from the danger sone.
    There is No other potions.

    Ypu se, the evacuation you went thru, possitioned you on a level that makes it possible to save our self. Damages is already done, but there is a hope for minimaizing it to al “safer” level.
    Its sad that all the Japanes people are fooled and lied to.
    You know now, they dont.

  3. I don’t know how people can get organized themselves with their condition for an evacuation, unless they are directed to do so and helped.

    Should take linen seeds and zeolithe clinoliptic type. And each two hours ClMg and EPA’s oils. And Epson salt baths.

    Could be helping. Can only be good anyway.

    Linen seeds : two table spoons with each meal (seeds can be soaked a few hours, they can be sprouted too)

    Zeolithe : see on the notice when you buy it in drugstore (can be replaced by spirulina)

    Magnesium Chloride : 20g/l of water ( in a glass bottle), take two tea spoons each two hours along with oils rich in omega oils (capsules of EPA can be bought, three each two hours).

    One pound bicarbonate of soda and one pound of sea salt added to the bath. Important to stay in the bath from the time it is quite hot until is gets a little fresh, usually 20-25 min. Best in the evening, anyway good.

    Should feel good difference since second to fourth day. Nervous system should be this way relieved, repaired, and protected better.

    Stay with this protocol five to seven days.

    Meanwhile learn “How to detox from radiation and radiotoxicity” through internet. Take note of ten foods or food supplement to remember.

    Take your notes, and evacuate. Go away and you can be surprised to recognize yourself again! Can evacuate first if immediately and do this right after.

    Make this in a “zen way”. Explore calmely, you can find out through your own experience. Life goes beyond expectations. I don’t want to hear you being only a suffering victim. You are not only that. You are an experiencing person, and I wish you enlarge your experience of life.

    God bless you

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