Significant amount of cesium fallout one month before 311

According to the measurement data of strontium90 and cesium134/137 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology,(cf. MEXT admitted Strontium90 was measured in Tokyo and 9 other prefectures)

significant amount of Cesium 134 and 137  fallout was measured in Hitachinaka city Ibaraki, Shinjuku ku Tokyo and Chigasaki city Kanagawa on February 2011, one month before 311.

This is more than December 2011.

It’s “Impossible to measure” in Fukushima and Miyagi, which is not Not detectable.

2.2011 (cesium134/137, MBq/km2・month)

Miyagi : impossible to measure

Fukushima : impossible to measure

Ibaraki : 28

Tokyo : 3.2

Kanagawa : 5.5


Miyagi : impossible to measure

Fukushima : Equipment is not ready

Ibaraki : Measurement in progress

Tokyo : 6.9

Kanagawa : Measurement in progress

↓ Data of 2.2011

↓ Data of 12.2011


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