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1 trillion yen to prepare to take out nuclear fuel

Nuclear energy is known to be cheap. Tepco and Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund have made a capital plan to invest 1 trillion yen to prepare for taking out the


33 people are exposed more than 10mSv/y (only external exposure)

    In Date shi, Fukushima, they found out 33 of 9443 city citizens will be exposed more than 10mSv/y. It was cleared from their analysis done from September to


Most of the cattle were already consumed before they were checked

    By 1/25/2012, only 35% of the cattle fed with contaminated hay were checked, the rest of 65% of the cattle are likely to be consumed. In July of


Cesium is biologically concentrated in trees

    It was reported that cesium reaches inside of the trees and get concentrated at the meeting held in Minamisoma. It was to discuss about the effect of radiation


Fukushima Gov distributes leaflet to stop them evacuate

Schools in Fukushima are distributing leaflet to make people stop evacuating for some reason.   <Translation>   <Let’s stay cool to think about our reassured, safe, and stable life> [Children’s


Tepco can’t stop the human resource leakage

    By the end of next year, 330 of employees left Tepco, which is 3 times much as before. About half of them are young employees, who are younger

Confirmed effects

26 of 3765 children had thyroid tumor

  Fukushima government announced they found thyroid tumor from 26 children out of 3765 children living in Namiemachi, Iidatemura, and Kawamatamachi Yamakiya chiku. However, they assert they are all benignity,

Sea contamination

Tepco is planning to cover the bottom of sea with solidifying clay

  In the press conference of 1/24/2012, Tepco announced they are going to solidify the bottom of sea with the mixture of clay and concrete. They are planning to start


Death threat for the lecture of internal exposure

Citizens of Yokohama city have been inviting Mr. Sugenoya, the city mayor of Matsumoto shi for his lecture about internal exposure. It was planned for 1/26/2012, titled “Discussion about how


Tepco is sued for Act for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes

  A citizen’s association “Protect sanriku sea from nuclear contamination” from Miyagi, Iwate and Aomori sued Katsumata, the chairman of Tepco, Tepco and 2 other people for Act for the