Fukushima Gov distributes leaflet to stop them evacuate

Schools in Fukushima are distributing leaflet to make people stop evacuating for some reason.

Fukushima Gov distributes leaflet to stop them evacuate




<Let’s stay cool to think about our reassured, safe, and stable life>

[Children’s exposure and Pediatric Society]

1. The dose in thyroid of children living in highly contaminated area in Fukushima has been turned out from the result of the analysis done in the end of March. None of the children were exposed so much that they may have cancer.

2. It’s 1mSv/y in Iwakishi, but it’s 5mSv/y in Fukushimashi and Koriyamashi but the radiation level of Koriyama was not the dangerous level at all. (Note:This sentence does sound strange but it was translated as it is.)

3. The radionuclide attached to the ground (Most of it is cesium) emit beta ray and gamma ray, which is shown as the current radiation level. It is starting to be cleared that the current level of radiation won’t cause cancer.

[What to do in our life…How to get along with Cesium.]

1. Cesium attached to the ground is not at the dangerous level except for playing in super hotspot, and the hot particles in the air is not negligible. (Note: There is no definition of the new term,super hotspot.)

2. We want to have as least cesium as possible, but even if we have it, it will go out of body in 80 days of half life time. It’s more dangerous to be concerned about food and lack nutrition than having cesium.(Note: It sounds strange to state cesium will be pushed out in 80 days,which they claim it is the half life time of cesium on the public document that everyone may read. It’s translated just as it is.)

[I want you to think much of human relationship and mental & physical health.]

1. Please respect the human relationship, especially with father.

2. If you evacuate, please respect the human relationship with close people.

3. Please respect the traditional human relationship ,in the scene of business, nursery care, education, medication, and hobby.

4. Please beware that excessive moving may cause more physical, and mental risk than exposure.

[Health check]

Even if you feel safe, let’s have health check constantly to be reassured.





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