Daily incinerated ash is radioactive in Tokyo

It’s not only radioactive debris but also daily garbage from your house that emits radiation when it’s burnt.

This is the comparison of the cesium contained in incinerated ash in Tokyo and Osaka.

The data of Osaka is in early September, which is more likely to be contaminated. (“不検出”=ND)






It means the daily garbage from kitchen, living room, garage, and the garden contains more cesium in Tokyo.

(Source) Tokyo

(Source) Osaka

  1. They dont understand radionucleids, it has to burn out.
    You cant Sweepit under a carpet and pretend its gone, its not.
    You cant “burn it” away, it not even clos to solving anything.

    The problem is there anyway, to burn it, you just hightend the consentration and its goes with the Ash into the air.
    And ones burn the ash heep is even more contaminated than the “original” item.
    There is only one way, its must be colected or simply left where it is. I have stated that Fukushima prestinct is the ONLY plase to store Radioactive debrise, and thats because its to late to do anything resanoable in any way in Fukushima Pre.
    Fukushima nad the surounding areas is a Radioactive waste land, and its beyound rescue.
    Fukushima is histroy and/or must be closed of for Millenuims.
    Thats the rockhard facts.

    Now they are dripping out the Truth, and all along the period WE where the “crasy” ones, that did nothing but Scearmongering.
    I hate it been right, for the first time in my life, it brings absolutly no pride, just sadness and a sickening fealing of seeing real evil at work.
    The utter treason comitted by the wery system and sience is mindboggeling and discrasefull at best.
    Never forgett them; people of Japan the day the records are sett strait and when the criminals in charge is hunted down.
    Never fogett them, never.
    They belong only one plase, deep inside a dungeound and that forever, never to lett them roam free againg.
    They dint not only betrayed Japan, they and the MSM, goyerment and TEPCO, they betrayed the whole fu.. world.

    The sietific comunety in Japan is as the Health a scam and lying pieses of sh…, they are shamless in their covardness and all that leads us to this situatioon that we all face to day.

    You have to relocate, its the ONLY solution, all else is pure bullshitt and lies.

    You have to move, and do it now, or its to late.

    Every day now that delays this evac is a capital crime, and the worst of all, they have know it all since day one.
    From the begining they knew and did nothing.

    The situation is handled in the worst consivable way, they dint do anything and know the result are manifesting them self everywhere.I sayed before, the scale and scope is beyound anything previous known. They wil diclosure whats going on, I am afraid its to late and the price of this dilay is going to be Horrific and just escalate.

    If the spent pool4 goes, run for you lives.


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