Mushroom cloud western offshore of Japan

In the morning of 5/21/2014, explosive sound and a mushroom cloud were observed in Japanese western offshore.

The location was the north of Kumejima island. The residents felt the ground shaken with an explosive sound to find the mushroom cloud offshore.


There is Tori Shima Range of United States Air Force in 28 km north of Kumajima. The US armed forces states they held an air force training from 10:00 to 11:00 of 5/21/2014, but none of the details were announced.



You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Un champignon dans le ciel au large du Japon


Au matin du 21 mai 2014, un bruit d’explosion et un nuage en champignon ont été remarqués au large des côtes ouest du Japon.
C’était au nord de l’île de Kumejima. Les habitants ont ressenti un tremblement du sol en même temps qu’ils entendaient l’explosion puis voyaient le nuage en champignon au large.

Il y a la base de Tori Shima Range des forces aériennes américaines à 28 km au nord de Kumajima. Les forces armées américaines affirment qu’elles ont procédé à un entraînement entre 10:00 et 11:00 ce 21 mai 2014 mais aucun détail n’en a été précisé.

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. The kind of effects strongly suggest a nuclear explosion, I fear, be it of weaponry or reactor (on board of some ship). 28 km is a very remote distance for ground-shaking effects by a conventional explosion, much more with all the buffering by the sea.

    1. Oh gods sake. The sea doesn’t ‘buffer’ explosions, water is almost incompressable and so is an excellent way to transmit shockwaves.

      Reactors do not produce nuclear explosions. They might experience a prompt-critical explosion where the reactivity creates a positive feedback chain reaction. In this case however, the energy released tends to make the reactor blow apart in a standard (non-nuclear) pressure-temperature explosion. In fact, it is extremely difficult to keep the fuel material together long enough for a substantial amount of the fuel to be converted to energy. This was the main objective of the manhatten project. You n ed to set off conventional explosive material in precisely shaped charges around the fuel so the shockwave from that holds the exploding fuel together long enough to cause a nuclear detonation. It simply does not happen by accident.

      Also, the fact that there is a mushroom shaped cloud doesn’t mean squat either. Most large explosions produce a mushroom cloud. Most nuclear explosions produce an emp which is detectable at long range, and someone probably would have noticed in this case.

      Most likely explanation is some kind of weapon test (non nuclear), or possibly an accident but they’d probably make h public statement if that were the case.

      1. The suggestion that the cloud could be from an explosion on a shipborne reactor is reasonable given its similarity to the mushroom cloud that went up from FD Reactor 3. However at this stage there are several more likely possibilities including conventional ordnance and volcanic eruption.

      2. Quote: “Reactors do not produce nuclear explosions.”

        Nice try. They can experience moderated prompt criticalities. We may have witnessed one such event.

  2. No radioactivity reported, in initial accounts

    http ceron jp/url www okinawatimes co jp/ (article.php?id=70404)

    【久米島】21日午前10時半ごろ、久米島町沖合で爆発音とともに黒煙が上がった件で防衛施設局が22日、米軍に確認したところ、21日午前10時から11時ごろ、米空軍が鳥島射爆撃場で航空機を使った訓練を実施したとの回答があった。しかし、運用上の理由で、訓練内容などについての情報提供はないという。  久米島町役場は、住民からの連絡を受け22日、町宇江城地区など5カ所で放射線を測定し、数値に異常がないことを…[続きを読む]

    When 10:30 around am [Kume] the 21st, the 22nd, Defense Facilities Administration Bureau has confirmed to the United States Armed Forces on any black smoke rose along with the explosion in Kume-cho offshore, at around 11 from 10 am on the 21st, answered and was carried out training using the aircraft in the U.S. Air Force bombing field is reflection Torishima. However, in operational reasons, that there is no information provided about the content, such as training. The 22nd, to measure the radiation at five locations such as town Uegusuku district received a report from residents, Kume Town Office is, [Read More] … that there is no abnormality in the number

  3. given it’s a gunnery range they probably tested a fuel air big bomb or a new thermobaric device.

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