Breaking News: Whistle-blower talks, container vessel is melting like honeycomb

A whistle-blower of Tepco leaked the actual situation of Fukushima plant.

He left his comments on a Japanese forum. Here are the messages.

2011/12/20(Tue) 01:49

二号機でのボーリング調査が佳境へと近づいています。正直結果からすれば政府・東電発表のステップ2終了は 肯けません。 水平ボーリングは軟材質の場合はこんな簡単な機器でも行けるようですが、建屋のコンクリはそうは行きません。 これは外国製の斜めボーリング機。ほとんど同じもの使って格納容器下まで行きます。


Boring survey around reactor 2 is coming to the climax. As a result, the announcement of the government and Tepco has to be denied. If it’s soft material, they can do horizontal boring with such a weak equipment (like the top picture ) but when it comes to the concrete of the reactor building it’s impossible. They need to do boring with a foreign heavy equipment at an angle. They do boring to reach to under the container vessel. (like the bottom 2 pictures)


2011/12/20 (Tue) 01:50

不必要な所はこの緑のロータリーダイヤモンドビットでガリガリ進めます。この時の埃は致死量です。 いよいよサンプルが必要になるとホールソー式ビットへ切り替えます。だけどダイヤモンド刃は 高温に弱いため500度位から先はスタンダードのタングステンカーバイト刃へ変更して掘削します。 今はGP掘削なので貼り画の様に綺麗に抜けます。


When they do boring where they don’t need to take a sample they drill roughly with this green rotary diamond bit but the dust is lethal because it’s too radioactive. When they need to take a sample, they change the diamond bit to hole saw type of bit. However, diamond is weak for the heat so when it’s hotter than 500℃ they use the standard type of the tungsten carbide instead.    The bottom 3 pictures are the samples taken.


2011/12/20 (Tue) 01:52



少なくともハニカム状に溶融してますよね? そうでなければここから何で金属ウランが出るの?


Taking a part of the concrete slag sample. Put it into the lead case (Chiyoda technol) and take it to a lab.

I don’t know if it’s because they gave sea water to cool down or because it’s brackish area, if natrium (sodium salt) of sea water made a chemical reaction with calcium carbonate in the concrete to become diuranate natrium (sodium diuranate) or not, it looks yellow as yellow cake.

Probably the iron part of the core is uranium pellet unreacted – not sure yet because it’s still before the analysis.

It’s beyond the max reading of 500X100 CPM. These yellow concrete slags come out from under the building one after one. It means that the container vessel is melting like honeycomb at least – doesn’t it? Otherwise why would metal uranium comes out of there ?


2011/12/28 (Wed) 04:37



made up my mind to take out the slags from the shelter to take pictures of them.

wore protective clothing. When it’s taken out, it was over 400 ℃ but now it’s cooled down to 100 ℃.

Can you see this big metal crystal (extremely radioactive) and the oxidized concrete looking like yellow cake? Can you believe it is out of the container vessel. It’s over 500 mSv/h, my geiger counter went over the limit.

was scared so put it back to the shelter soon as I took a couple of the pictures.






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