2 chat places and 1 forum

We struggled a bit but managed to put 2 chat boxes. 1 forum may come soon too.

1 chat box is on the right bar,above the calendar. It’s a brief one but always online.
I’ll be there too as much as I can. That’s to share info and opinion promptly ,but less than 10 people can be online at once.

Another one is located at the “Chat page”. This is a bit more formal.
I’ll set an event in advance. The closest one will be from 21:00~22:00 GTM 1/3/2012.
Theme is Fukushima Q&A. There is no limit of people who can be online so I can answer more of your questions promptly, such as about evacuation ,situation of Fukushima ,etc..
I hope it helps us to share the view.
The formal one is sharable on Twitter and can record the history. The whole conversation will be a valuable information too. so please come to the page on 21:00~22:00 GTM 1/3/2012.

and 1 forum is under construction. It’s mostly for people to chat with each other traditionally.

I think the brief chat box will be the easiest to use for the first.

All for the fast and easy information exchange.

Thank you for reading this and I hope those new attempts will help us.



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