2 chat places and 1 forum

We struggled a bit but managed to put 2 chat boxes. 1 forum may come soon too.

1 chat box is on the right bar,above the calendar. It’s a brief one but always online.
I’ll be there too as much as I can. That’s to share info and opinion promptly ,but less than 10 people can be online at once.

Another one is located at the “Chat page”. This is a bit more formal.
I’ll set an event in advance. The closest one will be from 21:00~22:00 GTM 1/3/2012.
Theme is Fukushima Q&A. There is no limit of people who can be online so I can answer more of your questions promptly, such as about evacuation ,situation of Fukushima ,etc..
I hope it helps us to share the view.
The formal one is sharable on Twitter and can record the history. The whole conversation will be a valuable information too. so please come to the page on 21:00~22:00 GTM 1/3/2012.

and 1 forum is under construction. It’s mostly for people to chat with each other traditionally.

I think the brief chat box will be the easiest to use for the first.

All for the fast and easy information exchange.

Thank you for reading this and I hope those new attempts will help us.



  1. Hi. I’m on the US west coast & found this site about a month ago. I check in a lot. Thank you.

  2. The Lie is monumental, and has for decades perverted anything regarding chemical and/or nucklear damages to any living tisue, in every consivable way.
    And the scam and in the borderline of crimes against humanity lies the despecable and deeprooted lie, the one about, Hormesis.


    This is the sole reason for their alowens to polut and slowly kill us all, thru polition, and where the fu.. is the socaled enviriomental fu.. heors.

    Tne Radiation is in the air, soil and sea, everything is contaminated, and accumulating fast, relativly, and thats because of the foodchain.
    (in fish, its werry fast accumulating and it stored in the fatt layer, a lesson from Sweden)
    The same senario in soil.

    And repted to brink of bordom, there is no way to compare Internal and/or External radiation, to put it simply in mekanical terms, its distance that is alfa and omega, And that also regarding fallout in Japan. Its all about reducing radiation, nothing else matter.
    Thats the factual side, the practical side of it is mutch worse.
    And on topp of that, remeber its just a few isotops we are messuring, Japan is expoced to a mutch wider specter of radiation poisining.
    Tons of MOX was spreaded the a hugh part of the world, and Japan was hit hardest.

    The sad part is that Evacuation is the absolut best way of dealing with Rad in long and short term.
    Children with a mutch faster celldivituon rate, sould also have been Evacuated, and thats a long time ago.
    The reason for the notion of chrimes aginst humanity and the Japanes people, is because of all the lies, the downplaying and divertions. In all alther aspects they in charge sould and would been Jailed for this series of crimes.
    On all of us.

    Remeber, there is no low level of radiation, simply because it olny recuires low leves to do damage, to any living creature, humans no exeption.
    They know it, the goverment knows it, stil the lie and lie.
    To be totaly honest to you, there is NO other options then to Move. The road is slipp into to parts, death or life.
    Remeber the notion of a full Nucklear Nightmare, well, japan is in it.

    You must wake up.

  3. Mochizuki-sama:

    I’m a retired physicist in the Dallas, Texas, USA area. My wife is a retired Japanese clothing designer from Tokyo, who evacuated to Nagano during WW II.

    You are performing a wonderful service to Japan and the world. Thank you so very much (doumo arigatou gozaimasu).

  4. Hi Mochizuki, hi everyone

    Couldn’t sleep this night for a long time. I saw three earthquakes just happened close to japan.

    Today, I don’t see any news about it. They were around 4.8 magnitude. As I now know important facts show up systematically up with long delay, I thought I would ask you news, because I didn’t find any in English, only earthquake website…

    Have a good evening.

  5. Go on irc

    server: irc.freenode.net
    channel: #fukushima

    You can gain a lot of support on IRC
    Internet Relay Chat is HUGE outside of Japan

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