12.8 microSv/h from Nikko, a major destination of school trip

They measured higher than 1 microSv/h at 284 of 1070 locations (1cm above from the ground, around street gutter etc..) in Nikko. 158 of 284 locations got decontaminated immediately, but they couldn’t reduce the radiation level at 46 points, where are on asphalt. Nikko city government is going to outsource to take off the asphalt.
On 1/12/2012, at the city council of Nikko, Mr. Yuzawa, the city mayor stated they even found the place to measure 12.8 microSv/h from a gutter of a school. Source
However, Ministry of the Environment asserts they can send students to Nikko for school trip.
In December of last year, they measured 41 points of Nikko (1m above from the ground). The average result was 0.05~0.13 microSv/h around the major sightseeing places. Students are supposed to go to school trip if it’s less than 0.23 microSv/h. Source

1/16/2012, Aioi Toshishige(61), a school president of Seifu junior high school in Izumiotsu Osaka was arrested. He received bribe from a travel agency company for choosing a school trip destination.
In August of 2010, He went to Hawaii with about 10 people from his family members, paying only a part of the cost, and got benefit of around 3.1 million yen from the travel agent. Domoto Takuya (51) from the travel agency company was also arrested. Source


日光で高線量スポット確認 除染後は基準値以下に





日光の修学旅行「影響ない」 環境省が線量調査



収賄容疑で元中学校長を逮捕 修学旅行業者選定で便宜



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