Video of endoscope operation to reactor 2

Following up this article ..Result of endoscope operation on 1/19/2012

Tepco released the video of the operation.



Dropping water and radiation noise look like storm.

Here is the endoscope used for this operation.

Video of endoscope operation to reactor 2


Video of endoscope operation to reactor 2 2

  1. If there is no fuel in the reactor 2, it was blown OUT! this is the same with Chernobyl. the inventory is 1,000 Hiroshima bombs of radioactive substance. So the numbers of emitted radionuclides and real irradiation are too low, COSMIC SIZES TO SMALL! So, what is worse: Fuel thrown out – then all estimates and horrors we had are too low – or: partly meltdown (partly because, parts were thrown out by the explosions) or complete meltdown -> groundwater, soil ocean. if they really find no fuel: blown out. if it is outside or reactor = nuclear explosion and much much more radiation – which IS failure to render assistance for all japanese and a direct flight to international criminal court of den haag for all involved: – The IAEA and WHO – for ignoring sickness, disability, deaths, which occur after months, years or decades among children, new-born, women, men. They recognize only direct deaths and injuries to radiation, during the accident (which was 7 days, during the Three Mile Island accident in the U.S.) – The chief of the NHK Weather Service, for inadequate or nonexistent information on radiation – TEPCO CEO Masataka Shimizu for downplaying, inadequate or nonexistent information, for crimes against life and evironment, endangering and / or pressurizing workers – Ritsuo Hosakay Minisry of Health, Labour and Welfare – for downplaying, inadequate or nonexistent information.

  2. Interesting how you can gauge the radioactivity by how much colored interference there is.

    What’s the white stuff flying fast past the screen?

    1. White stuff is the noise caused by too much radiation. They can’t even measure the radiation level yet.

  3. First of all, there is a lot of steam in the containment. ‘Cold shutdown’ is another lie.

    – A lot of water is spraying onto the probe. This would be from a leaking pipe inside the containment near the top, perhaps a broken flange gasket.

    -Water from the outside is pouring into the containment without reaching the pressure vessel.

    – The fine ‘snow’ in the background is gamma radiation picked up by the charge-coupled device. Given enough time in the containment and the probe cam will be burned out by radiation. Tepco needs to use vidicon tubes instead as were built into the old-style video cams.

    – There is a large crack in the containment @ 7:43 of video 1.

    – There is a lot of broken metal items next to containment wall at 1 minute + of second video. This is suggestive of an explosion within the containment.

    – Pressure vessel is clearly seen beginning @ 2:22 in the second video. @ 3:03 there is better shot of metal debris/items.

    – Broken and dangling pipes along with distorted stair seen in video 3 also indicate an explosion taking place inside the containment.

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