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Iodine-131 measured from snow in Hachioji Tokyo

It snowed on 1/20/2012 around in Tokyo. They measured Iodine-131 from the snow in Hachioji Tokyo.     Cesium 134 : 14.9 Bq/Kg Cesium 137 : 15.3 Bq/Kg Iodine 131 :

Core removing struggle

Video of endoscope operation to reactor 2

Following up this article ..Result of endoscope operation on 1/19/2012 Tepco released the video of the operation.     Dropping water and radiation noise look like storm. Here is the


3 academic societies have started studying about the possible spread of cesium pollen

    Following up this article ..26 microSv/h from the leaves of Japanese cedar Japan Geoscience Union and other 2 academic societies have started survey to know how cesium spreads


Clinician talks, Tepco’s announcement about Yoshida chief is a lie

Following up this article ..Fukushima chief steps down due to illness   Dr. Inoue ,the president of Setagaya Inoue clinic talks Tepco’s announcement about former Fukushima plant chief Yoshida is

Export from Japan

34 units of car parts were banned to import to Russia

Vladivostok custom office announced they measured radiation from 34 units of the car parts from Japan including engine, body and minor parts, from 1/1/2012~1/10/2012. They banned them import to Russia.