Tepco will raise the electricity cost for the families


Tepco will raise the electricity bill for non-corporation consumers by 5~15% to pay for compensation and abandoning the nuclear plants.
Tepco employees were paid bonus last December (Average 300,000JPY) but they claim they will have 600 billion yen of deficit for this March. They assert “If they can’t re-start nuclear plants, they will have 800~900 billion of deficit annually, it can’t be a business.”.

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Edano refused them to try to raise the electricity bill the end of last year.
However, if Tepco goes bankrupt, they can no longer pay for compensation and abandoning the reactors. Japanese government agreed with Tepco to raise the fee.
Japanese citizens will be compensated from their own electric fee after Tepco steals their own profit.

東電、家庭向け料金も値上げ 政府、合理化条件に容認へ




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