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279 microSv/h from a car

Tepco claims that they have been controlling the cars coming out of J-village since 3/23 /2011. They are supposed to decontaminate cars or stop them coming from the site if


3 million tones of the debris are drifting to the west coast

Japan and the US government are discussing what to do with the debris from Japan. The earthquake caused 25 million tones of the debris and 3 million of them have


How to write a hateful comment

It seems like more and more people are going away from Fukushima Diary to know I safely evacuated from Japan. That’s sad because this is just the beginning. Though there


Yamagata local government quit the daily fall-out measurement

Yamagata is north to Fukushima where is one of the major rice harvesting area in Japan. They have measured Iodine and cesium in the rain, dust, and snow since 3/18/2011


Breaking News : 350,000 Bq/Kg from rice straw in Tochigi

Since this July Tochigi local government has been measuring the rice straw of all the 1890 cattle farmers. As a result, they measured over 100,000 Bq/ Kg of cesium from


220 Bq of cesium from daily food in Fukushima

Mainichi newspaper and Tokyo Metropolitan University measured daily food of 11 people living in 11 different locations. The samples were taken from 11/13 ~ 11/15. They mixed 3 meals and


Collection of the nuclear energy CM

Until 311 ,and even by now ,people are believing nuclear is the environmental energy source. As a matter of fact ,it emits CO2 and and there is no solution for

Core removing struggle

Office of Prime Minister stopped Nuclear Safety Agency announcing the truth of meltdown

3/12 2PM ,Vice-Minister of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, Nakamura Koichiro announced the possibility of meltdown in reactor 1 at the press conference. He judged it from the increasing radiation


Contaminated agricultural products are incinerated without resident’s permission

Agricultural products which are banned to sell are incinerated and the residents around the incineration facility are worried about the radioactive ash. A lot of agricultural products are thankfully banned


Biological concentration in Fukushima

(Click this link for larger sized image) Wild boar’s diet is mushrooms in the mountain. Their biological concentration is going on. According to the emergency monitoring measurement ,a wild boar