220 Bq of cesium from daily food in Fukushima

Contamination of daily food by cesium all over Japan

Mainichi newspaper and Tokyo Metropolitan University measured daily food of 11 people living in 11 different locations.

The samples were taken from 11/13 ~ 11/15. They mixed 3 meals and snacks and then put them into a mixer and measured cesium by germanium semiconductor detector taking 2 hours.

The result shows in the worst case, you take 220 Bq of cesium from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks everyday non-stop.


Dateshi Fukushima 140 ~ 220 Bq per day

Takasakishi Gunma 30 ~ 81 Bq per day

Shiraishishi Miyagi 29 ~ 33 Bq per day



Below is a famous graph of ICRP. It shows how much radiation is stocked in your body if you keep having contaminated food everyday.

Effects of contaminated food on the body

Abscissa axis = date

Vertical axis = Bq

The simplest put is, if you have 10 Bq from food everyday ,you become as contaminated as the 10 Bq food in 2 months. (If you weigh 50kg)

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