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“Everything is out of control”

Actual Fukushima worker “Mr.Happy” confesses what is in his mind, more honestly than ever. Happy20790 ハッピー ただいまっ(^O^)今日もコツコツ作業したでし。今日は早く帰ったからいっぱいつぶやくでし。今日から1号機のガス管理システムが試運転に入りました。2号機と1号機はメーカーが違うのでスペックが違うから1号機は時間かかったんだけど、やっと完成しました。 Today the gas (mainly hydrogen gas) control system at reactor 1 has finally


3,790 Bq/kg from mushroom logs

Mushrooms concentrate Cesium from the logs that they grow on such that there is 3 times more cesium in the mushrooms than the logs. Fukushima produced most of the mushroom


Tepco is planning to discharge contaminated water again

March again. Tepco is planning to discharge highly contaminated water to pacific ocean next March (2012). Currently, 200 ~ 500 tons of underground water flows into the buildings of reactors