Yamagata local government quit the daily fall-out measurement

Yamagata local government quit the daily fall-out measurement

Yamagata is north to Fukushima where is one of the major rice harvesting area in Japan.

They have measured Iodine and cesium in the rain, dust, and snow since 3/18/2011 9AM on the daily basis but they decided to quit it after 12/27/2011 9AM.

Because they will have a lot of snow in this winter ,knowing the radiation level in snow must be very important.

According to their HP “Re-considering the frequency and the quality of the measurement we will quit.”
None of the detailed explanation is given.

When they burn the radioactive debris the fall-out will be more radioactive. We needed to know the contamination level then.


  1. Hi Mochizuki, I just wanted to say how glad I am to know you’re safe after you left Japan.
    I wish you all the best.

    Have a good 2012!

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