Collection of the nuclear energy CM

Until 311 ,and even by now ,people are believing nuclear is the environmental energy source.

As a matter of fact ,it emits CO2 and and there is no solution for radioactive waste. It takes 20 years to stop a reactor and it keeps consuming electricity itself.

Some people love to state fossil fuel has been killing more people than nuclear ,but the truth is ,even if you die of radiation ,they do never admit it is because of radiation. They just do not count the number of the victims from radiation.

Nuclear plant is a nuclear weapon factory. Electricity is nothing but by-product.They make nuclear weapons by your electricity bill.

USA ,England ,France ,Russia ,and Japan ,they all want to hold nuclear power. This is a dinosaur business but no one can stop and politician do not have enough brain cells to think about the possible risk of that.

For all ,a few must die.

This is their philosophy. Nuclear is the ghost of imperialism of 19th century.


As a memorial ,I post a collection of the CMs. Be strong.




  1. “Nuclear plant is a nuclear weapon factory. Electricity is nothing but by-product.They make nuclear weapons by your electricity bill.”
    I think you made the wrong choice in not just using it for Electricity, dud you evar think you would get 1up in the nuclear arm’s race?

  2. You know its brilliant and plain evil, as its posible to be.
    All this have to come to and end, sometime in histroy.
    The coverup, the lies, and so on.
    Radiation dont harm us.

    Think on this aspect for a moment, canser was almoust non existing in just a cuntury a go, people died yes they did, but of other things, realy canser.
    We live longer, some argue, well thats also a part of the problem, in a Low Radioactive invrioment, we know it will afect different systems, all dependent on the range of Isotops.
    Like the truly staggering lie, that Plutonium have a “natural background inherent radiation”, well fu.. them, plutonium is just 70 years old.
    A residue from wepons grade nuks.
    It dont apear naturaly in any way.
    This is a scam that hopefully is the only “posetive” from this acsident.

    People of Japan was sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed and goverment corruption.
    Without Mercy or any kind of Moral, only plain evil slayed in silence. The treason is of a mindboggeling size and scope, their crime against anything deasent, and against us all. So blatant and openly, and stil they roam free.

    How mutch worse is it posible to be, how can something so evil go unatended.
    Thats wories me.
    It sould worrie us all.

    There is no backtrack on this, its escalatind and frankly, right now is like the silence before the storm. They are by no mesures of competent or in any waybehaved like Wise ones or people of capable of transmitting Anything into usefull actions.
    Nada, nix, nothing.
    They just run away, and left this to the Japanes people.
    The crisis must be taken fare more seriously than to this present day.

    This is becoming, pardon my language, downright fu.. scary.


  3. “Nuclear is the ghost of imperialism of 19th century.”

    Another profound statement, Mochizuki-san. So often you capture just the right words. I can’t tell you how many of your quotes I’ve saved over the past 6 months… too many to count.

    GLAD YOU ARE SAFE. Glad to see your face at the top of your blog. Glad you are continuing this work.

    I am making a “Soul Collage” card about you as one of my personal heroes of 2011. SoulCollage (google it) is a paper craft that uses cut-out pictures pasted on framing (mat) board 5 inches by 8 inches in size. Over time a person creates their own ‘deck’ according to their interests and whims. No words are used, only images from magazines, photo albums, books, online– wherever. The cards can become meditation devices, aids to deeper insight about oneself, or made in honor of our heroes and loved ones.

    Wishing you a happy and successful new life in the upcoming New Year.

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