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Column of the Day: You killed the boy

Time has come. In several hours, I’ll get up and leave this room forever. My coughing is not getting better. Now I take double dose as normal to stop coughing.


6,440,000 MBq/km2 per month to Futaba Fukushima in March

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has finally published the data of monthly fall-out amounts from March to June. Like the data about Iodine 131 on Futaba is


6,264.74 Bq/Kg from house dust in Ibaraki

Journalist Kinoshita Kota conducted measurements for house dust in Tokyo, Chiba, Ibaraki, and Aichi. As a result, no wonder, it turned out that cesium has gotten into the houses already.


Trainee doctors are avoiding working in Fukushima

To avoid the meaningless irradiation, trainee doctors are avoiding applying for hospitals in Fukushima. One of the Fukushima hospitals, Ohara general hospital, there used to be 6 openings for trainee


An NHK spokes man rebelled against NHK

NHK’s official twitter account is run by an announcer named Hori Jun. Since 311, NHK has been spreading lies and has killed millions of people by making them too late


Mutated Japanese radish

In Oshu Iwate, a farmer grew a mutated Japanese radish. 大きな地図で見る He says, he has not seen such a radish. (Source)