Safety declaration of Fukushima rice was proved to be a lie

Safety declaration of Fukushima rice was a lie

“In Fukushima, 1724 samples of rice, which is as double as national standard, were tested and all of the samples turned out to be less contaminated than emergency safety limit.
– Fukushima Mayor Sato Yuhei”

Fukushima mayor declared the safety of rice in Fukushima 10/12/2011.

However, as the result of the emergency additional test, most of the samples showed much higher level of radiation.

The result is published on the HP of Fukushima prefecture but there is hardly anyone to check it up.

This is the organized data to compare the actual contamination and the published result.

Data published Harvesting area Number of the sample Number of the positive sample Contamination(Bq/kg) Published result(Bq/kg)
Minimum Maximum
11.25 福島市旧小国村
864 131 540 1,270  本)33,35 予)ND
11.28 同上 102 40 550 1,020 Same as above
12.02 同上 54 29 580 1,100 Same as above
12.02 福島市旧福島市
57 3 510 590 旧福島市
本)18〜41 予)15〜46
11.28 伊達市旧小国村 119 2 580 780 本)47,163 予)44,136
11.28 伊達市旧石戸村 7 0 本)35 予)ND
11.28 伊達市旧月舘町 8 1 1,050 1,050 本)9.7,25 予)32
11.28 伊達市旧掛田町 17 0 本)27,62 予)23
11.28 相馬市旧玉野村 23 0 本)103 予)12〜155
12.02 福島市旧福島市 23 0 本)103 予)12〜155

ND < 20 Bq/Kg

As you can see, Fukushima prefecture picked up the most moderate numbers to publish and concealed the actual contamination data. Actual contamination data is so far from the published results that this table confuses you.

Rice which is actually contaminated even worse than the Japanese safety limit, is distributed.




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