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Escape plan 12/15/2011

Leaving the apt finally – I got on the train to the airport. Now I’m homeless so staying at a hotel in Chiba. Leaving the apt was a little sad


Mission accomplished and the list of the missing nuclear workers

JP PM Noda is supposed to declare the accomplishment of Step 2 tomorrow. They managed a cold shut down supposedly, though there are no intact container vessels. Anyway, there are


Tokyo people as guinea pigs

Japanese government seems to think they can reduce radiation by burning. Since morning of 12/13/2011, the Ohta incineration plant has been incinerating radioactive debris from Onagawa nuclear plant. The debris


Annual dose 482 ~ 138 mSv in Okumamachi

According to THE Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the estimation of annual dose in Okuma machi Fukushima is 482 ~ 138 mSv. It is an estimation from