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ICRP underestimated the low dose symptom risk by 85%

NHK is starting to change its attitude to the truth. It’s finally starting to broadcast what is actually true. On 12/28/2011 ,NHK reported ICRP’s manipulation in late 80s. In this


934 Bq/Kg from bear meat in Tochigi

Nikko Brand information center had measured 220 samples from 119 citizens by 12/22/2011. As a result, they measured 934 Bq/Kg from bear meat, 351 Bq/Kg from deer, 234 Bq/Kg from


279 microSv/h from a car

Tepco claims that they have been controlling the cars coming out of J-village since 3/23 /2011. They are supposed to decontaminate cars or stop them coming from the site if


3 million tones of the debris are drifting to the west coast

Japan and the US government are discussing what to do with the debris from Japan. The earthquake caused 25 million tones of the debris and 3 million of them have


How to write a hateful comment

It seems like more and more people are going away from Fukushima Diary to know I safely evacuated from Japan. That’s sad because this is just the beginning. Though there