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Minami soma woman “can’t stop bleeding.”

Following up this article The woman from Minami soma seems to be getting worse. Here is the post of 12/23. さっき、 みなさまから いただいた 貴重な 「 体験 コメント 」 を 拝見していたら


Alpinist Noguchi cancelled climbing up Himalayas

Following up this article Corrupted alpinist Nogushi ken became sick and sent to the hospital just before this climbing up Himalayas. @kennoguchi0821 野口健 空港に向かう前に嘔吐、腹痛に襲われ病院へ。そしてそのまま入院。ヒマラヤ遠征の準備を終え、これから出発というタイミングでなんとも…。腸の働きがピタリと止まっていたのが痛みの原因だとか。医師には「この状況ではヒマラヤ登山は無理です」と告げられ素直に納得。休む事に専念します。 <Translate> Vomited and had severe


Nuclear or increase of the price

  12/22/2011 ,Tepco announced they are planning to raise the price of electricity. They had a “surprise” press conference in AM of 12/22/2011 ,only corrupted newspaper companies ,such as Nikkei