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Even to me, moving is not easy. Meeting my old friends or new friends. Giving my pets to foster parents. I’ve been swamped these couple of days. And this fatigue


2 high school students died in Tokyo

Both of them died of cardiac arrest. One is a boy (17~18) ,third grade of the high school. There is no school lunch. He did not play sports hard. He


A man died at decontamination in Fukushima

At today’s press conference of Tepco and Japanese government Sonoda ministerial aid of Cabinet Office announced a man (60) died at decontamination in Dateshi Fukushima. The only sure thing is


Reactor 4 is falling apart

The wall of the south side is falling apart at reactor 4. Reactor 4 is in the most serious situation. It is assumed that if another aftershock hits it to


They are preparing for the possible radiation disease

National Institute of Radiological Sciences is recruiting an expert about actinide nuclides. This organization is to treat emergency irradiation disease, receiving budget from Japanese government. Actinide nuclides include elements Ac89