How to write a hateful comment

It seems like more and more people are going away from Fukushima Diary to know I safely evacuated from Japan. That’s sad because this is just the beginning.

Though there were few comments last night ,one of them was a hateful comment and probably it was not from a bot. It was from a living human.





I have read thousands of the hateful messages and learnt how to write a good one.
I would love to introduce some hacks of how to write it.

1 ) Start with compliment.

I read the first couple of the sentences carefully but sometimes I miss the rest of the parts. If you start with compliment and hid the insulting messages carefully, you are likely to have me publish it.

2) Make a new email address.

The person who posted the message last night was a French because his hotmail address was
If I’m in the mood ,I may post your email address and you may receive tons of spams. Please be careful for your privacy.

3) Make sure to turn on the spell check.

When you are furious to try to kill me ,you sometimes make typos and look more stupid. To look as authentic as possible ,let’s use spell check at least.

4) Write as long as possible.

If your comment is longer than average ,I tend to read it carefully to think some important information might be contained ,so you have more chances to make me read your message. The more you write ,the more likely I read.

5) Avoid using the handle name “John”.

I know that some people actually have the name “John” ,but mostly ,normal people want to use more unique handle names so people may remember what you say. Trying to be anonymous makes you recognizable in an unexpected way.

Only if you keep these hacks in your mind ,you can successfully write a good hateful messages.
Good luck ,and die.


PS , I put the “+1” button on the blog. Please try to use it if you like.



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