How to write a hateful comment

It seems like more and more people are going away from Fukushima Diary to know I safely evacuated from Japan. That’s sad because this is just the beginning.

Though there were few comments last night ,one of them was a hateful comment and probably it was not from a bot. It was from a living human.





I have read thousands of the hateful messages and learnt how to write a good one.
I would love to introduce some hacks of how to write it.

1 ) Start with compliment.

I read the first couple of the sentences carefully but sometimes I miss the rest of the parts. If you start with compliment and hid the insulting messages carefully, you are likely to have me publish it.

2) Make a new email address.

The person who posted the message last night was a French because his hotmail address was
If I’m in the mood ,I may post your email address and you may receive tons of spams. Please be careful for your privacy.

3) Make sure to turn on the spell check.

When you are furious to try to kill me ,you sometimes make typos and look more stupid. To look as authentic as possible ,let’s use spell check at least.

4) Write as long as possible.

If your comment is longer than average ,I tend to read it carefully to think some important information might be contained ,so you have more chances to make me read your message. The more you write ,the more likely I read.

5) Avoid using the handle name “John”.

I know that some people actually have the name “John” ,but mostly ,normal people want to use more unique handle names so people may remember what you say. Trying to be anonymous makes you recognizable in an unexpected way.

Only if you keep these hacks in your mind ,you can successfully write a good hateful messages.
Good luck ,and die.


PS , I put the “+1” button on the blog. Please try to use it if you like.



  1. I plus 1’ed you. 🙂 Forget those people my friend. You have more things to think on than them. 🙂

  2. That’s very funny, Mochizuki-san, because I thought you might have been the one to quit now that you’re safely away, and then I thought what if you were a plant, as in a disseminator of propaganda–you know exactly who you say you’re not–so you wanted to fade into the woodwork by giving the cover story that you escaped Japan. LOL. It’s good to know that you intend to write the best, if not the second best blog, on the subject.

      1. I hope you will give us further information, don´t worry about idiots. I wish you luck Mochizuki-san and a happy new year…

  3. Do not be dissuaded from your mission. (Gambarimasu) Do not “stoop” to the strategies of the hateful. Let the truth be your shield from the slings and arrows of your detractors.

  4. Iori kun, I have a and e-mail address eventhough I’m neither japanese nor french.
    Fukushima Diary Banzai!^^

    1. Yes, I was also going to say that I have mail accounts with different country suffixes. It doesn’t mean they’re from that country. Just do an IP trace. Even then, they could be using a proxy, but they’d have to be desperate to hide their identity if they’d bother doing that.

      1. Yes,I strongly recommend them to use just or something for their security.
        but I personally think it’s actually his daily email address. Why not trying it by sending him Hello ?

  5. Brother, the Chernobyl movement sees itself exposed to this since 1986. All those who say the truth, helping people, collect information and publish are going to be stamped – as alarmists, criminals.

    True to the IAEA guideline, radiation causes ONLY and ONLY stress. Correct term: Radiophobia.

    The fear of the truth makes people traitors to their own race, not just the money.

    A German writer once said: “The one who points to the dirt is more dangerous than the one who caused it.”

    We know this also from the academic sector. It happened to Professor Yuri Bandazhevsky from Belarus. We speak here of silencing Academia.

    My finger is always on the “Amnesty International” button.

    Without truth and without information, we are just passing shells.

    Thanky you.

  6. The fear of suffering from heavy metal poisoning and/or radiological harm can evoke a strong stimulus to escape the source of exposure even if the actuality of hazardous exposure is unconfirmed,unknown or denied.

    Given the so called Nuclear Industry is engaged in a suite of unique activities prohibited by the Geneva Conventions and beyond all accountabilty it is only natural for the sadistic to be using this knowledge as a platform to get at people who are suffering.

    It’s that simple really.

    1. Thank god we have this instinct to flee. Otherwise there would be no man kind from the beginning.
      Plus: We flee and learn and inform. This is what the atomic industry, the most dangerous industry on this planet, is afraid of. They have “Truth-Phobia”. They are very ill.

      back on topic:

      man made radionuclides ARE ALWAYS HARMING HEALTH.

      The assessment of health damage caused by Chernobyl and Fukushima was done by the IAEA (protects nuclear power), NOT by the WHO (protecting people) – according to Alison Katz, who worked 18 years for the WHO. More:

      “Presently the international organizations (WHO, IAEA) recognize as the main cause of increase of thyroid cancer in liquidators and children population after the accident their irradiation with radioactive iodine, I-131. The rest of diseases, they suppose, are provoked by psycho-emotional reactions..” (RADIOPHOBIA) There is no linear dose effect correlation, but “The bimodal dependence of effects on dose was revealed for all studied parameters. Namely, effects increased at low doses, reached maximum (for low doses), then decreased (in some cases the effect sign reversed) and thereafter increased with the increase of dosage”: IGNORED BY IAEA, UNSCEAR, ICRP, WHO

      Effect: Only acute deaths aknowledged, 1000,000 latency deaths ingored:

      4,000 deaths (in 90 years. Belarus, Ukraine, European part Russia) according to IAEA / WHO – press paper Chernobyl forum 2005

      8,930 deaths (in 90 years. Belarus, Ukraine, European part Russia) according to Chernobyl forum 2005

      7,400 deaths (Whole world for 50 years) according to Anspaugh et al., 1988

      30,000 deaths (Whole world for 50 years) according to Goldman, 1987

      18,000 (8,000 – 32,000) deaths (Europe, 1986 – 2065 without Thyroid cancer) according to Cardis et al., 2006

      30,000 – 60,000 deaths (Whole world. About the entire period) according to Fairley, Sumner,2006

      117,000 (37,000 – 181,000) deaths (Whole world. in the period 1986 – 2056) according to Malko, 2010

      317,000 – 475,000 (495,000 with Leukemia) deaths (Whole world. About the whole period. only radiocesium) according to Hofman,1994

      899,000 – 1,786 000 deaths (Whole world. About the entire period. only radionuclides) according to Bertell,2006

      How does the IAEA think? Well, since the 1950ies science only looks for linear dose-effect correlation, when studying Low-Dose Radiation effects on health. – SOURCE:

    2. ‘Fear of suffering’ is quite different than continuous nosebleeds, sore throat, lung congestion, swollen lymph glands, hair loss, skin rashes, nausea, and diarrhea. In absence of overt symptoms, severe anxiety and paranoia may be a person’s only clue that causes them to move out of danger! Some people will learn only a little about radiation, deferring to ‘authority’ to tell them they are safe, while others will learn in great detail yet never apply the information to themselves. After the radiation deposition of Xenon, Cesium, Plutonium, and Strontium following 3/11 all you can say is great for someone who feels nothing yet! Hope they live in perfect health with continued exposure from radioactive water, air, soil, and food from debris incineration/dumping, pollen release, even potential earthquake that could catch reactor 4 sfp on fire. They must be immortal! Radiation doesn’t care how you ‘feel’ about it. It is not supportive of life no matter how many IAEA advertisements promoting nuclear for peace and energy you read, no matter what limited measurements you take for yourself. Sure, you will be all right for awhile. Accumulation of radiation internally will take it’s toll in years to come, no matter how you feel about it. Those who have severe symptoms of radiation sickness now are lucky. They will be lucky to get out ahead, alive. You can’t always bet that radiation will do what you expect.

  7. To Jibojamesiv: I am surprised by your thought that Mochizuki would have to leave Japan to quit his mission. In my opinion, he has set an example for his Japanese countrymen, women and children, to help them realize they too have a choice in staying or leaving their contaminated homes. And if Mochizuki would quit, Where would get their information from? 🙂

    To Mochizuki: The hate mail you speak of comes from peoples’ weakness and fear in the truth. Perhaps, the more hate mail you get, means the more people you have reached and enlighten to the reality of what is going on in Japan.

    May the New Year bring Peace within each of us.

  8. FYI: If you would be interested in teaching the Japanese language, a lot of businesses desperately seek translators and teachers. And these teaching positions require simple, basic elementary language skills for business people. My daughter taught English in France for 3 months. Very easy job and fun adult students, she said.

  9. I hope you are aware pf the scope and scale of the curent crisys realy is, its unbelivable and the economic abyss, bottomless.
    There is a ongoing war on realitys and how to see things and to verify opininoins. In all the major events, there is grups or orgs that has the ability to attac Bloggs like this.

    The best evidence is the lack of credility and knowledge.
    And thats why the use the Personal agenda, to smear whatever Blogg there is. Werry common, so this Rubbish is just that, and drivel. Take that as a aknowledge and recogintion, as a “dangerous opponent”.
    And dont forgett the resorces, the opostit is having.
    Its TEPCO and the Govm. and you may ad a pack of Nuklear fan chior.
    Singing hallelluja.

    You have made a mark, and sould just keep up the good work.
    Its a prosess, and patiens is a virtue.

    Kick ass.

  10. People can’t be exposed to numerous millisieverts of radiation a year and expect to be healthy or live for very long, and that does not even take into account contaminated food, water, and air, or the toxicity of uranium and plutonium.

    How many of the accusers and critics are ‘dead persons walking’ already?

  11. Ignore the haters of this world Mochizuki. They waste time spewing their bitterness and always target those who dare to speak out. Its like when they see bravery, it gets on their nerves, and they try and knock it down.

    Don’t let them. Stay strong. Its all about them, and nothing about you.

  12. I am happy that you exposed this idiot by publishing his hate mail. Yeah, right, go scr*w some whores, that’s good against radioactivity. Is that his advice for the Fukushima children too?

    Stupid creep. That’s one advantage of the internet — what a person thinks is right there, you can’t be fooled by a pretty face or a nice smile.

    Go on in your fight dear Mochizuki. Many of us are with you. I wish you a long, strong and happy life.

  13. PS I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who sent the email works for the nuclear industry or in the military.

    He is clearly US-American from the idioms and the mental universe (not that all Americans are that way, I live in the US as well, but he’s clearly not German or Russian).

    You’re confronting a powerful industry so there might be shit like this coming in for years. Don’t let that affect you. Many people are on your side. I, and many others, will never change our mind, no matter what. Stay strong.

  14. A low dose is sitting on the toilet in a tiled bathroom or sleeping with your head next to a brick wall.

    Low enough to double the background reading on a relatively insensitive meter set to cpm.

    But one has to remember that whilst you may spend 8 good hours asleep with your brain exposed to gamma,your cranium exposed to gamma and beta and your scalp exposed to perhaps alpha and the beta and gamma for the most part the bricks load of unstable ‘elements’ is not disintegrating through a long list of daughter products with varying chemical toxicities and energy or particle releases within your brain.

    Now i do not know if brick walls generate Neutrons but other elements do change their chemical,electrical,magnetic,radiological and other properties by electron capture.

    I don’t think anyone would want to be placing a Neutron source into their bodies but the Politicians who voters assume are accountable obviously do find it acceptable for their freinds to do it to mostly other people.

    They talk in doublespeak about using Nuclear derived electrical energy as a ‘baseload’ for their powergrids as it’s always on.

    Of course the ‘baseload’ is the quantity of radionuclide loading they permit the nuclear industry to contaminatee mostly other people with.

    The policy of overpopulation,domestic in Japan but contrived to sell energy in and to Europe,increases demand for an ever higher electrical ‘baseload’and the Nuclear Industry is keen to capitalise on this whilst the ‘baseload’ of radionuclides released as contamination and found acceptable also increases.

    Whilst you may get a fine dry high alcohol wine from the yeast gobbling up the grape sugars you must not let it sit too long on it’s lees.

    The Brewing industry gives us an easy to comprehend understanding of what Nuclear energy is all about and why our politicians are like a yeast infection.

    They want the fine wine and they do not care if life on earth becomes the lees.

    1. It is about INTERNAL radiation.

      Because we EAT and DRINK.

      So, there is never NEVER any LOW doses

      This is the first thing you have to let in your imagination.

      LOW RADIATION becomes HIGH RADIATION when ingested with food:

      BELARUS: Most Chernobyl irradiated country in the World.

      Rosa Goncharova’s geneticist. In the Belarusian capital Minsk, she directs the laboratory of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the Belorussian Academy of Sciences. For decades, the research professor and her team investigated the effects of long-lasting radioactive low-level radiation.

      What harm take people living in contaminated areas?

      “Must live”, because there are 2600 villages that should relocate. Rosa Gonchrova summarizes the results of their studies (in german):


      “One of the main lessons learned from Chernobyl is the fact that even low doses of ionizing radiation in animals and humans have biological and genetic consequences. This is now proven. They produce damage in the body cells and in the sex cells. Even at a low dose of less than 100 micro Sievert and even years at a tolerated dose of one millisievert were identified in our laboratory genetic changes.”

      “About one Milllisievert per year: This is the annual dose limit for people who do not work professionally with ionizing radiations. For occupationally exposed persons in Europe are higher limits. The research team has identified mutations, ie changes in the genes of the nucleus.”

      “Man, like every other living being possesses, protection systems, the repair such mutations almost. If there is now under the influence of radioactivity additional mutations, the organism will be charged additionally, he must also fight against it.”

      “For these children we have found changes in individual genes. And the worst part is that these children show an increased sensitivity to other unfavorable factors. That is, these children fall ill more frequently than others. Among the unfavorable factors include poor diet, environmental factors, chemical pollution. This is true not only for children but for adults too. They all have an increased sensitivity to other unfavorable factors.”

      “In plain English: who spends his life in contaminated areas spend, must, whose immune system is weakened.”

      Radioactivity, as it opens the doors for other health problems.

      The most dangerous radiation is which is ingested with food. Thus, for example, cesium-137 from the inside to act on the cells, because it displaces the vital potassium in muscle tissue. Or strontium-90, a radionuclide that accumulates in the bone and bone marrow: there can damage blood cells and can cause cancer such as blood.”

      – On the question of whether changes in the genetic inheritance of future generations, says geneticist Rose Goncharova: “We demonstrated in our laboratory for the first time that genetic changes over generations may be swept on. We have found after Chernobyl more than 22 animal generations of genetic instability. There are animals that live in the contaminated areas who have to live under the influence of low doses. We have been scientifically proven.”

      “This has been proven in one of the most common mammals in the bank vole. The cells of these mice were well comparable with those of humans, says the researcher. Therefore one can transmit many findings to him.”

      “Even after 22 generations of mice you can still see changes, mutations. They are inherited. The radioactivity is harmful. So it happens that many offspring do not survive or even many embryos. Those who survive are somehow cope with the situation. But whose genome is unstable, and they also pass into the next generation. And often they are ill. Their whole system is more unstable than in other animals.”

      “The mortality rate in these animals is very, very high. Mice produce very many offspring, and therefore they can afford a high death rate. Man, however, will usually produce only one child. In any case, not five, six, seven at once. He also does not bring several generations in a year or during his life to the world. So we can also transmit the results that actually would be transferable to humans, not in all respects to him.”

      “Which low doses of radiation effects in humans may have, but points to a study that was published in December 2010 in Germany. It states: Within a radius of 35 km around a nuclear plant are fewer girls were born in areas without nuclear power. We investigated the surroundings of 27 facilities in Germany and four in Switzerland. Fewer female births have been noted previously: In regions that were hit by the Chernobyl radioactive precipitation. It is believed that female embryos are more sensitive to radiation and therefore die rather than male.”

      END of Excerpt—-

  15. It was not necessarily a hate mail, looks to me that the guy seems disappointed and wished you had stayed. He shares the same views as you – us – and probably like your blog and sense of humor. He’s entitled to his opinion that you’re overeacting and you should be nicer to him. Now you made yourself an unnecessary enemy. When I expressed similar opinion in non-hateful comments, you did not publish them, although you publish my comments usually. This guy meant you well and you may want to think about his message again – and others like his. I hope you publish this one and understand that it’s a friendly comment. Enjoy your stay in Vienna!

    1. Thanks for publishing and wishing you a Happy New Year!Hopefully we can leave some of the madness behind and enjoy a better future.

  16. I looked up the meaning of “hikikomori lifestyle” and I suppose that was meant to insult you. Just ignore the critics.

  17. I say a fine wine but since the employ an enrichment and boiling process it’s more like hard liquor.

  18. Quite funny, isn’t it ? all that more and more hateful messages you receive daily, just in the moment where little by little truth begin to emerge (from UN offices reports : the second explosion at reactor 3, the larger amount – not only 1Bq/hr like gov’t simulations, but 10 quadrillions Bq/hr – of radioactivity releases from the plant, the near China syndrome situation of melted-down reactors, etc.)!

    Those people may be very scared by discovering that all informations you gave/give are one by one confirmed vs officials lies ; from the little I’ve understood about Japanese people, the fact of questioning Gov’t attitude and informations is in total opposition with your education and tradition. It is very hard to admit you are nothing but a pawn i the game and your can so easily be sacrificed on the altar of money. It might make you loose your temper.

    In my point of view you made a prudent choice by leaving Japan. Situation there is far from being under control : nobody knows where the melted cores (coriums) are, what will happen next when they reach the underground water (I fear new explosions, or at least huge amounts of radioactive leaks all over). But everyone is free and can make is own choice. My 22 years old niece was studying in Tokyo when earthquake occurs the 3/11 but we persuade her to come back as soon as possible (it was before the explosions and I expected them occur) and she leaves for 3 weeks in the 3/13. She return to Tokyo at the beginning of may for 5 months before final exams and at least she flew back last november to work in Tokyo.I give her the much more possible information about radiological situation (some that I found on this blog, thank you). Even if it make me very sad and worried, I’m not intitled to decide for her : she is the only one who knows how she intends to live her own life.

    We are supposed to do the best choices for ourselves, and we must accept other people make choices we don’t agree with. At a unique condition : they must know the facts. We have to share our knowledge. The facts are the only reliable elements. What they do after is not our business. We’ve got a brain so let’s use it.

    Keep on with the facts and be sure that many people (even them who feel angry or hateful now) are (and will be) grateful to you for the very good and important information job you’re doing.

    Last point, in reference to a previous post. You told about eastern Europe (cheaper). I don’t know if you heard about the important use of depleted uranium weapons during Balkans War (ex Yougoslavia) but for sure you know about the fallouts of Chernobyl nuclear accident in Europe (including Cs137 : half-life circa 30 years), and that the most polluted countries were situated in eastern Europe (you can find the maps on the IRSN website :

    Best wishes : a happy new year, a good health, an interesting job and a pleasant new life!

    1. I think it’s that ,his mommy read this blog and keeps warning him to go back to US,but he doesn’t / can’t because he thinks he can’t get a job in US except for an English teacher or doesn’t have money to get on the I guess that’s what “You give me a bad name” means.

  19. that guy who send you a hatemail is insane…. japan is dun . fukushima, then the tokai nankai earthquake… tell him to stay… and draw his coffin.

  20. Mochizuki, this is my first reply here, even though i am a long time reader. I hate to see what I am seeing. Although I understand that certain manners may be different in Japan..I felt I should inform you that it is a big no-no to first *invite* – A RESPONSE..snd in doing so you should know that does NOT mean that the response will be “to your liking”. It is considered a high violation to assure people who come here that their mail will not be published — then, just because in your opinion you found someones response hateful–you then violate that assurance by then publishing not only that persons mail (breaking your published word), but then you also proceeded to also publish that persons name (and most despised of all) you then published that persons Ip address–which (especially along with the other information you published–you could very well be giving out that persons home address)
    This is a big no-no in “english interenet manners”. You probably have the ability to edit, or if you do not–even have invited A REPLY. To then violate that persons privacy..against your own sites assurances WILL drive people away, I promise you that. I know it left a bad taste in my mouth–and thats no matter what the other person said.

    You may find that you will be pushing people away with this type of vengeful bahavious..and it will leave you looking like the bad guy, instead of the “hateful person”. Leave to the audience to judge. We’re adults. And respond with your own opinion, sure…but to do as you did..makes even I, who has no ill-will towards you–wary. Wary of responding..and wary..that who knows when you will be “offended”. Again, no one likes so-called hateful replies–but everyone shies away from someone who breaks that sacred *anonymity*. That is what makes the internet great…and what can mature many,,while at the same time..allowing others to “grow-up”.

    You may be trapped by this method into driving posters I almost feel. This type of vengful behaviour is NOT respected.

    I do hope you are adopting to your *new environment* well. Good luck. I hope this is a past chapter, and hope this doesnt happen again. But I do know..that even if you never posted my information..if I (and I know many hundreds who feel the same way, in our english priorities, and long time net-use)saw this behaviour from you again — Id not read, nor would I ever post here again.

    Please take care that you nuture in all ways getting this information out. Respond to a person, sure – but nevr, all that you did again. Especially since you assure readers to begin with that you wont. Those are the ruled, and if you cant abide by them…then post *your real “rules”* — tythat readers can decide beforehand whether tis is the of environment they are accustomed to posting in. Again, perhaps this is how you conducts yourselves in Japan, and thats fine. But on your English blog please adhere to your own posted rules, and never give out a persons private IP address, or mail (as your site says) you will alienate many english people, and their understanding of your “honesty”. The same way Ive seen you yourself guard your new homes privacy/ like kind is that info–sacred.

    I do hope to continue to enjoy reading here, and that no one stops reading this sometimes very important information…due to something like this…as it would be a sad end to the english portion of your blog..and would make many english think mistakenly of you as I am sure you did not intend to do.

    Take care,

    – Just a long time reader who hopes her personal information isnt given out over an opinion.


    1. Regardless of being English or Japanese this publishing gives readers the impression that you are far worse child like in response than he. I myself have come to this dairy not for comments but for news, even if it is a wise crack at a troll that spends his time attacking your good intentions, the fact that you spent time and space to pay attention to this nonsense is sad. The post alone would have been ok but to end it with “good luck and die” is something that should never be said by an administrator or journalist.

    2. Very good suggestions!
      I know some people hate everything.
      It’s never enough and satisfy their life for even one moment.
      So who cares those people’s opinion.
      All you need to know who is real friends and supporters.

      If you made wrong choice or mistake, it’s not end of the world just fix it.
      But we sure want avoid taking the mistake that won’t be fixable.

      Hope you have a great journey and a Happy New Year!

    3. It depends on whether someone is expressing their opinion as a private person or if someone working on behalf of the nuclear industry.

      Private persons are entitled to privacy; nuclear industry people invade other people’s lives and destroy them.

      The IP addresses of those who work for the industry and bully anti-nuclear activists should not be sacred.

      The difficulty is of course in figuring out the difference. Industry people are posing as private people all the time.
      This is where their continuous lies are damaging all of us, our health, and the very fabric of human relations.

      There is no easy answer.

  21. hey!! lorie san,,, just keep goin… never mind those people who are judging you… count on us .. we are your 4ever friends… forget them , they are free to do and say whatever they want.. so, just like us that we are free to patronized you forever

    1. People shouldn’t get defensive, although I can understand why you would, over other people speaking their mind or “judging” something that was put on a website to see and comment on.
      I can only speak for myself when I say my intentions were never to attack Iorie-san personally, but rather, the method he used to respond to a reader of his website.
      To ignore the “judging” of an action, method, or tactic is to ignore the voice of the person and in turn the people, we should already know this by the example the Government (have your pick, all Governments are working on the same level I think) is setting. Feedback is the driving force behind success- well in most cases anyway.

      The following is meant as a recommendation and not as an insult, it might sound a little too direct but I don’t know how else to put it, apologies in advance:

      Use your brain for decisions, the heart should only follow in the passion behind it.

      The heart tends to shroud and eventually hide our true intentions, where there was once passion there is now anger.

      Please carry on with the work you do, I offer my support and my services if need be, but never stop listening to the people, especially the ones with differing views, those same people help us to see things in different perspectives.

      1. I understand. but please don’t forget ,I only gave him an instruction to write better. I might have published his IP etc mistakenly but he got a skill. I think it makes it

      2. Its not a differing view, when you send someone insults.

        Insults are stupid and not cool. Personal attacks should not be tolerated.

  22. I read your post every day, I’m happy your safer now. But….. My heart hurts for the people back in Japan. I wish them all health and a long life. I wish this never happend to them.

  23. I seriously doubt you are helping the Japan Surfing tourism industry with your efforts. Forum attendance is way down!

  24. Hi Mochizuki,

    I like this way of yours about being truthful with true emotions too. It is important to me these days to be sincere, that’s all.

    I did understand from a long time that you don’t post all the comments, because you wrote it already long ago and it is fine to me. I prefer instructive or supportive comments, rather people commenting on others comments, arguing and arguing.

    That’s probably my character, I prefer knowledge, news, bunches of bits of news…

    I appreciate that we share our tremendous difficulties about facing quite violent interactions on the subject of radiation. Because we do face these harsh attitudes and there are many attacking responses that people throw at us. Just like this, for free and without knowing the subject!

    I have learnt a lot reading comments on this topic and it helped me a lot. I was wondering if I was being too emotional while speaking about radiation with friends. I have turned the subject in all ways, back and forth. And just got each time to the same conclusion. Some fear is interacting. And fear of radiation needs to be overcome of faced so that the person can start speaking about radiation and nuclear industry. The best comment I read was that a person should be in a very secure mood or feeling so we can talk a little about radiation, but just a little… Giving the first few tips to this person so that she can eventually dig by her/himself.

    In addition, we do need to make space for information and not MSM’s information.

    I do not expect you to publish all harsh comments and find it useful that you speak once in while of this problem here.

    I expect everyone gets well informed from different sources and accepts mindful critics. So critics are welcome, but not accusations of hysteria or spreading panic or what so ever.

    However from my point of view, some valuable immediate-remedy-information to spread is missing here. Of course concerning Radiation Detox. Why being shy with this? There is enough pectine for everybody, enough of everything that is needed. Affordable. Nothing to lose. Great names to speak of : Dr Bandhajevski, Yoblakov, Aspley…(spelling might be incorrect, sorry) Their names should be known. Their knowledge should be seeked, explored, shared. Maybe it’s not the way you want it here, but I think it is a very valuable part.

    I’m like you, I won’t drop…

  25. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. You are doing what you are doing to help the people of Japan because you are a good person. I wouldnt bother publishing ignorant comments on yoyr site. Let the publish on their own site if they want to. Dont waste your valuable time on them.

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