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Cold shutdown was a lie

Following up this article about the press conference of Prime Minister Noda… JP PM Noda asserted all the parts of the container vessels are cooler than 100℃ so they declared


White crow in Iwate

大きな地図で見る 9/27/2011, they found a crow with white feathers in Miyako Iwate. Experts say it’s not an usual albino and don’t know “what caused it”. (Source) 白い羽のカラス 宮古・閉伊川河川敷 2011.9.27 宮古市の閉伊川河口に近い河川敷に白い羽のカラスが現れ、話題になっている。専門家によると、一般的なアルビノ(白化)とは異なる突然変異で原因は不明。市民は「震災のストレスかも」と想像を巡らせる。(岩手日報)


Strontium-89 from the air of Tokyo

Following up this article about Strontium 90 in the air of Tokyo It turned out that Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center knew but hid the fact that they measured

Contaminated water crisis

Water underground is contaminated

The Ministry of the Environment measured cesium from well water at 4 locations in Minamisoma. It was about 1.3 ~ 14.7 Bq/kg, it was for drinking. The samples were taken


Twins suffer from radionuclide because of a contaminated car

In Hokkaido, because of only one contaminated car, twins (13) got sick and even a doctor had to give them a medical certificate to tell their symptoms can be from


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大きな地図で見る In Japan, there was a place no one can make a nuclear plant because of an old lady. Her name is Kumagai Asako. She owned her house and 12,000