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Hurry up !

I thought that I was going to have more time after quitting my job ,but unexpectedly I have a lot to do for some reason. I need to find someone


Double colored mutated chrysanth

In Odawara Kanagawa ,Ms.Sano Naomi (68) grew double colored chrysanth. It’s white and purple. Her husband ,Mr.Yoshikazu (69) talks ,he has been growing chrysanth for 25 years but it has


Another stupid Japanese is happy with mutated potato

Following up this article In Tsukuba ,Ibaraki ,another gigantic sweet potato was found in the farm of Mr.Suzuki Seiji. It weighs about 6.5 kg,bigger than human face. It grew in


Foreboding of Fukushima heart

In Chernobyl , babies were born to have their hearts with holes,which is called Chernobyl heart. In Koriyama ,a baby was born with ventricular septal defect,which means the baby was


Tepco admitted water leaks into the ground and sea straightly

At today’s press conference of Tepco ,Tepco’s spokesman Matsumoto admitted sub-drain is almost connected to the sea. This is when he answered to the question why the water level of


Breaking news ; 610,000Bq/m3 of Sr-89 was measured in Tokyo, 3/18/2011

Though Japanese government have been denying the presence of Strontium and Plutonium around Tokyo, US government (DOE and NNSA) had already measured air in Tokyo From March to April. It