News caster evacuated

It turned out that Ms.Harada Sachiko, a news caster of Fukushima TV had evacuated to Kanawaza.

She is a mother of 6 years old daughter. Though she had been working for Fukushima TV for 15 years, she quit when she knew she was pregnant with a second baby, in July.

As a newscaster, she was in charge of making Fukushima people believe Fukushima is safe.

She reported that children ate cherries even without washing them, and had them say “yummy”.

As other newscasters, she was a “good worker” of Fukushima TV to spread lies.

Reality was starkly different

She actually had her daughter evacuate in the morning of 3/14, just before reactor 3 exploded.

She went to Kanazawa herself in March. She said that she was impressed with being able to eat food without concerned about radiation, although she spread lies to Fukushima citizens. She adds, “She shed tears to be able to eat safe food.”

Though she was making people believe Fukushima is safe, she started commuting from Kanazawa to Fukushima. She said that when she wore a mask in Shinkansen (bullet train), she felt like she was coming back to the battle field.

When she knew she was pregnant with her second baby, she decided to leave Fukushima.

She was feeling guilty to spread lies. She also says, decontamination is a wishful thought with no basis. They just want to see a hope in decontamination because they want to stay in Fukushima.

As a mother, her choice was right ,but people who trusted her reports and decided to stay were totally left out in the cold.

While she was not a director of the TV station, this is still very controversial.


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