“It’s the destiny of the children to accept the debris.”

On 11/3/2011,Tokyo local government started accepting debris from Iwate.
It was banned to measure radiation around for some reason.

From the report of a freelance journalist,some kind of liquid was leaking out of the container and it was 35 micro Sv/h around.

Tokyo local government received more than 2700 phone calls against it.

Having this public opinion of the citizens,Tokyo mayor ,Ishihara made a public statement.

Shut up.”

Tokyo local government is the 5th biggest stakeholder of Tepco to hold 2.66% of the company stock.(Source)

Tokyo mayor ,Ishihara has once stated that Japanese needs nuclear power to be able to make nuclear bomb whenever it is needed.(Source)

However,he prepared a huge radiation counter at The metropolitan government office sooner than anyone.

The metropolitan government announced that they will keep explaining to the citizens patiently.

Today,one of the citizens called them.

Mr,Takahashi at Environment of Tokyo department politely answered like below.


No matter how many times you call,we will never stop accepting debris.


It’s the destiny of the children to accept the debris.


You sound like noting but an irrational complaint.


If it’s not my job,I would never talk to someone like you.

This is the phone number.


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