Gingko die before turning to be yellow

Every year, gingko turn to be yellow in this season. Streets look like it’s covered with yellow carpet.

However, in Yokohama,gingko is dying before turning to be yellow.

Even only in Yokohama,most of the gingko have their leaves wither and die quietly.

From the research on twitter, in Kamakura, Chiba, gingko is dying in the same way.

Back in September,I posted about withering plants.

I suspected it might be because of brine damage but typhoons come every year.

There is no outstanding change of environment for plants this year.

Pine, other acicular tree, and bamboo are withering as well.

We hope to know if the similar phenomena was observed in Chernobyl too.

Normal gingko (Yokohama)

Yokohama, 10/2011

Kamakura (South to Yokohama) 10/18/2011

Chiba 11/6/2011

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