Sakurajima erupted




Sakurajima erupted


Sakurajima erupted2


Sakurajima erupted3


Sakurajima erupted4


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Sakurajima errupted at 3:20 of 4/18/2012.
Black smoke reached 2kn above the crater. Erupted ash and stones caused volcanic lightning.
Sakurajima is becoming more active than ever. In 2011, it had explosive eruption 996 times, which is the most frequent ever. Eruption has been minor, but Kagoshima local meteorological observatory warns if crustal deformation increases magma, major scale of eruption may happen.



4/18 午前3:20、桜島で爆発的噴火がありました。夕食噴煙は火口上2kmまで上昇、噴出した灰や石などは火山雷を起こしました。
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