Possible underwater eruption in Iojima






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At 15:40 of 4/29/2012, Maritime self-defense force confirmed sea water is changed to be blue at 1.5km north east to Iojima from sky.
At 19:00 of 4/29, Japan Meteorological Agency announced underwater eruption possibly happened offshore of Iojima.
Iojima is located at 230km from the south of Chichi jima, crustal deformation has been observed since 2006. Last month, minor hydrovolcanic explosion happened at the crater located at the west of the island. From 4/27, minor scale of seismic activity has been observed on the island as well.
Additionally, small volcanic tremor was observed at 4:00 of 4/29.

Nobody is living on Iojima apart from the base of Maritime self-defense force and Japan Air self-defense force.

硫黄島沖合で海水変色 海底噴火か
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