Reactor 1 goes over 100℃ within 8 hours without nitrogen injection

The temperature of reactor 1 was increased from 48℃ to 54.4℃ when the nitrogen injection stopped (90 mins) on 4/4/2012, Tepco stated in their press conference of 4/7/2012.

On 4/4/2012, because of the strong wind of storm, the nitrogen injection was stopped. [Link]

Though nitrogen is not supposed to decrease the temperature, reactor 1 was heated from 48℃ to 54.4℃ for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

On the assumption that the temperature is increased in a linear manner, it would reach 100℃ from 48℃ in 8 hour and 8 minutes.

They restarted nitrogen injection by using the back-up unit on 4/4/2012, but the back-up unit stopped on 4/7/2012.[Link]

They restarted the unit which stopped on 4/4/2012 again to restart the nitrogen injection.





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