Settlement report 4/10/2012

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Thank you for your support as always. Maybe because I asked for recurring donation, I received more donation than usual. However, there was no subscription of  recurring donation itself. (´・ω・`)

Nitrogen injection stopped 3 times since 3/12. What’s strange is the temperature of reactors (especially reactor 1) go up while it’s stopped, but there has never been an explanation about that. [Link]

Nitrogen injection is supposed to keep hydrogen rate low so they can avoid hydrogen explosion. It has nothing to do with the temperature.

I suspect it is not just nitrogen, it’s liquid nitrogen. They try to make it look like it’s under 100℃ only with water, but they may be using liquid nitrogen. If so, the reactor is still extremely heated. In Chernobyl, liquid nitrogen was used for coolant material.







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4 Responses to “Settlement report 4/10/2012”

  1. Lolle says:

    May you investigate some more about injected nitrogen being liquid? That really would explain such a fast temperature raise..

  2. Rich says:

    With so many economic uncertainties, you cannot really expect many people to pledge a regular, fixed financial support, unfortunately.
    Capitalism is a very chaotic system, so to get what you want, you need to be lucky enough to ask for it during a period of economic growth accompanied by fair salaries a majority of people.

  3. pat b says:

    if the nitrogen is injected at the bottom of the reactor or the bottom of the CV, it could be stirring up the
    water, and forcing circulation, that way it stirs cold water in, otherwise you get segregated heating,

    but, the idea of liquid nitrogen is also sound.

  4. charles_johnson says:

    I view your site daily – you are performing an incredible service to your country and the world.

    Regarding the temperatures of the destroyed reactors – since the fuel disposition is unknown in the reactors, the meaning of the temperatures is entirely speculation – that is, no meaningful physical analysis is possible. About all that can be said is that high temperatures are not good. Injecting any material into the reactor vessels will of course affect the temperature, just like adding cold water to a pot on the stove.

    By the sheer volume of material potentially dumped into the environment, Fukushima Daiichi is by far (perhaps a factor of 50 worse than Chernobyl) the worst nuclear incident in history. However, unlike Chernobyl, the host government is not even trying to handle the problem – just to pretend it is not a serious matter. It is extremely serious – the habitability of all of Kanto, and possible even half of Honshu is at stake.

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