Nitrogen injection stopped and Tepco started backup unit


Nitrogen injection was stopped for reactor 1, 2, 3, 10:55 4/4/2012, a plant worker reported.
At 0:16 4/4/2012, backup unit was started, at 0:30, nitrogen injection was restarted.
The reason why it stopped is now known.

Tepco still needs to inject nitrogen to each reactor to control hydrogen concentration.
If nitrogen injection stops for 30 hours, hydrogen concentration goes up to 4%, which may cause hydrogen explosion.

In case of reactor1, 23m2/h is injected to container vessel, 15.3m2/h is injected to pressure vessel, at the moment of 5:00 4/4/2012.

Control units are separated for each reactor, it can be assumed that the shared nitrogen generator had a trouble for some reason.

Nitrogen injection stopped and Tepco started backup unit


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時事通信 4月4日(水)12時21分配信




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