Thick smoke from Fukushima plants again

Thick smoke from Fukushima plants again


Following up this article ..Massive smoke from between reactor 2 and 3

On Fukushima live camera of Tepco, thick smoke is observed again.

It came out at around 1:50 3/1/2012, is still coming up.

3/1/2012  1:00~2:00



3/1/2012 2:00~3:00



Cf. 2/29/2012 1:00~2:00






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10 Responses to “Thick smoke from Fukushima plants again”

  1. anonymous says:

    What is the light doing there? It is difficult to tell whether it is some fog or actually coming from the site. The clips from 2/28 are pretty clear though. I assume that is the same spot. If this is coming from a melting core in the ground, it should be measurable all over the place by now, shouldn’t it?

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  3. vendaval mills says:

    the smoke appears to come from behind the cam and into the facility. To me it doesn’t appear that the smoke is generating from the buildings. What is located behind the Tepco cam that can generate smoke this heavy? Thank you for posting this. The smoke has been subject of much discussion.

  4. BenPhlink says:

    Maybe from reactor 5 or 6?

  5. Jesse says:

    to me this is very different from the smoke seen coming from the vicinity of reactor 3 the other day, this appears to come from the opposite direction of the reactor buildings, whereas the r3 smoke appeared to pop out like a champagne cork.
    for now, I’m assuming fog. I’m gonna watch like a hawk though.

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  7. anonymous says:

    Well, if the cores have melted through the containment into the ground, they can cause steam and smoke to come out at different places in the area, I guess. So while it looks a lot like fog on the night videos, the day videos show that this doesn’t explain the whole phenomenon. Also fog usually comes from the sea and is pretty constant, not only for a few minutes. But I might be wrong here.

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