Temperature of reactor 2 keeps getting high


Since 2/2/2012, temperature of reactor 2 has been in the increasing trend. Tepco announced the reason is not known.

It’s measured by one of the 3 heat gauges in the bottom of the container vessel.

2/2/2012 : 52 ℃
2/5/2012 5:00AM : 67.4℃
2/5/2012 11:00AM : 68.6℃ (+16℃)

Tepco analyzes it’s because the flow of water has changed for some reason, probably the water doesn’t hit the melted fuel anymore.
They decided to increase the amount of water to inject from 8.6 tones / h to 9.6 tones / h.

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福島第1原発事故 2号機原子炉の温度が2日以降、上昇続ける 5日朝時点で67.4度

フジテレビ系(FNN) 2月5日(日)12時47分配信

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