Double colored mutated chrysanth

In Odawara Kanagawa ,Ms.Sano Naomi (68) grew double colored chrysanth. It’s white and purple.
Her husband ,Mr.Yoshikazu (69) talks ,he has been growing chrysanth for 25 years but it has been always white. It’s surprising.

Mr.Tanaka Tokuhisa ,who expertise plants in Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History says, “Probably when the stem is split ,it’s mutated.It’s very rare anyway.”


突然変異? 2色の菊―。小田原市小台の自営業佐野直美さん(68)方で、白と紫に半分ずつ色分けされた菊が咲き、近所で話題になっている。約25年前から菊を育てている夫の良一さん(69)は「今まで白しか咲いたことがないのに」と驚いている。




  1. i don’t care if it is a mutant flower – it is still very cool looking, very pretty ♥

  2. It’s beautiful. I think we will be seeing more things like this. Positive things. The world is changing for the better. Some of us will be in it some not. The Negative Nellies will not be missed. I would love to see what they grow next. Many Blessings.

    1. Oh,gosh,it’s so great to have these nuclear “accidents”.
      I want glowing eyes cuz I’m tired of buying flashlight batteries

    2. Would you also find it beautiful if you had a child which was mutated and deformed?! It is highly disturbing when nature becomes affected and distorted in this way. I am not a religious person, but I know that this is not what God intended. Plants and creatures were created and have evolved a certain way for a reason. This poison is destroying genetic, cellular structures. This is damage which is irreversible. Please wake up and stop being so flippant about something so DEADLY serious!

  3. Insofar as human mutations, the usual ones seen are no fingers, no arms, no eyes, or cyclops, Harlequin ichthyosis, rashes, thyroid problems, weak hearts, diabetes and cancers including leukemia. All well documented results of highly radioactive environments such as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chernobyl and now Fukushima. The Japanese national congenital birth defect season starts next week on 12/11/11. In Iraq it was no longer asked is it a boy or girl, they asked if it was normal.
    Merely giving birth to an autistic child due to radiation exposure in the womb causes a cascading social and economic setback. The social costs in Belarus from Chernobyl are still very high and yet that event was not even five per cent as serious as Fukushima based on the amount of radiation released into the environment. People in Japan who believe bullet trains and Mickey Mouse will lift them above massive permanent terrain contamination need to unplug their earpods and get a whiff of fresh air. Japan is headed for oblivion as it cannot bring itself to bury Daiichi along with the rest of its plutonium producing nuclear industry, one of the dirtiest and worst engineered systems ever invented.

  4. I had a similar flower grow many years ago, mutated Black Eyed Susan with the stem split 16 times on one flower.

  5. Yes that is really cool! But, don’t be surprised, all living this that have been damaged but HIGHLY radioactive isotopes will do wild mutations.

    Soon, you will see irradiated people doing the same thing!

    The best is yet to be seen!

  6. @ Douglas renford… I agree with your.
    The ethics and morals of using a uncontollable power producing source that produces wastes that generations after us must deal with; that’s capable of altering our and other living systems’ genetic codes here on earth is truly evil- let alone exporting such danger to new worlds( mars rover). Mankind has lost its way and is doomed!

  7. A trinitarium Uranium suckanostra?, whatever ? hope it does not grow radioactive shoot out darts !

    🙂 LOL !

  8. A very rare species of man is found to be living in Japan. They have 2 heads and 4 eyes. They were thought to exist in lower numbers, but now they are coming out from hiding apparently, and showing themselves. There are actually thousands of these rare Japanese humans, it has been disclosed.The scientists responsible for the study claim they are finding more and more of them all the time.

  9. This is not a radioactive mutation, this is a rare but natural occurrence known as a Chimera. Even human beings can become chimerae. This blog is full of hardly credible wild speculation and fear mongering.

    (Note to Nick Hatch at : might be a good policy for you to understand the effects of ionizing radiation on flowers and DNA generally before taking the time to make abusive comments.

    Mutations can arise from many mechanisms including ionizing radiation (even before the dawn of the nuclear age), mutagenic chemicals, viruses, mistakes in DNA repair, mistakes in cell division which give rise to translocations and dislocations, a combination thereof, etc etc.

    Here is a study done by plant geneticists on inducing mutations in chrysanthemums using gamma radiation – a technique used by plant breeders since the onset of the nuclear age – IDENTIFICATION OF CHRYSANTHEMUM (DENDRANTHEMA GRANDIFLORA TZVELEV) MUTANTS OF NERO AND WONDER GROUPS USING RAPD MARKERS

    The term Chimera indicates – in the case of this flower – part of the very early embryo experienced a genetic change while the other part did not. It is not a true chimera as is described here – which describes chimerism in animals. this link will teach you about chimerism in plants –

    I know that the anonymity of the web brings out the worst in some of us but we can all strive to be better.)

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