Okinawa will accept radioactive debris

Japanese prime minister Noda visited Okinawa on 2/26/2012, then Nakaima Hirokazu, the Okinawa mayor decided they will accept radioactive debris if Japanese government asked them.

Having this decision, Naha shi and Haebaru shi have decided to be forward to accepting the radioactive debris.

Onaga Naha city mayor stated, “As Japanese citizen, we shall help disaster area by accepting the radioactive debris.”

As Okinawa prefecture requires, Naha city is start preparing for radioactive debris.

Okinawa will accept radioactive debris


  1. could the people stop this? is there enough anger right now for that? or is this phony obligation to the country worth destroying the whole country? and we all sit back and continue watching this horror movie….

  2. Well that does it I will not be retiring in Okinawa or EVER visiting there again. Okinawa was the heaven on earth. My wife and I loved it there and planned to retire there in the future.

    Okinawa and the rest of Japan are forever finished for me. Every single person in office in Japan is an absolute fucking MORON and I am ashamed to have Japanese blood in my veins. I cannot believe my own people can be so fucking stupid. We are renowned for our technological advancements yet we are the stupidest country on the face of the earth. Fucking idiots. We will be a stain on human history.

    1. Kintaman,

      Don’t be ashamed of your heritage. There will be a lot of hatred coming toward the Japanese in coming years and decades anyway, when people try to flee and no one lets them in. That’s bad enough.

      Be happy that your intuition told you to leave as soon as it happened. That was wise.

      Make your anger your ally. I do not believe that international organizations are fair and just (my own people have been treated like sh*t by them), but time may come when you will be able to speak your mind.

    2. Kintaman, I totally absolutely agree. Morons, wankers, sheep, epsilons, without a brain cell in their fucking vacuous heads, sleepwalking to oblivion with a joyful heart and a stupid smile. God help ’em.

  3. This is completely unacceptable! I’m sure this has been voiced before for other prefectures that are on the receiving end of the contaminated materials, but WHY CONTAMINATE OTHER AREAS? It makes no sense!!! Contaminate all of Japan in an attempt to make a hopelessly contaminated Fukushima seem safer?? I DO NOT SEE THE LOGIC!

  4. spreading the TEPCO love……

    nice… it means that they cannot co-ordinate the tracking of sources of radiation…. kind of like levelling or equalising the radiation around….. very scary picture…..

  5. Okinawa had become a last refuge for many Japanese women and children after the Fukushima disaster. These are people like Mochizuki san who have experienced so great an emotional distress that they have uprooted themselves and moved to the only part of Japan that does not use nuclear power. It is a great insult to these already scared Japanese that the Okinawa government would even think of threatening them in this way. When will the idiocy and insensitivity stop!?

    Governor Nakaima’s public relations email is Perhaps if they understood the impact this will have on their tourism industry…

    Phone number on the governor’s website is country code 81 98 866 2080 for those who are inclined to phone his office. I’m angry enough. Are you?

  6. Just a really crazy plan to do this…please…RECONSIDER!! this logic is as warped as …should one member of a family get sick..everyone should share the sickness…DUMB!…dont do this!..Okinawa is Paradise now…After…it will be a mini 3 mile island…no WAY!!!

  7. Humm…last I checked, Nakaima Hirokazu is the Governor of Okinawa since Okinawa does not have a Mayor. The City of Okinawa has a Mayor but I dont think that she would want you to call her Hiro…

  8. We wanted to retire there! I guess Okinanwa is out of the question now…Fidji here I come…

  9. I’m just wondering about the exact dates in which the transport/burning of debris is goind to take place? I have been looking online for the info but can’t find anything clear. Thank you!

  10. This is the number for the Okinawa Environment office:
    (+81) 0988662231

    Please ring and tell them that you are against accepting the radioactive debris from Iwate and Miyagi provinces.

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