MHLW manipulated new safety food limit

Following up this article ..Japanese government is going to raise the safety limit for infant

The report turned out to have been manipulated.
Emeritus professor, Nakamura from Tohoku University, the former chairman of Councilor of radiation belonging to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, requested members of related academic conference to send messages to tell “If they make the food safety limit more strict, it would damage agricultural industry of Fukushima.”
The councilor was accepting various opinions for the food safety limit. Those manipulated comments were treated as “opposing opinion” against the side to make the limit more strict.
1700 messages were accepted and 300 of them were “opposing opinion”.
In the email to request for the “Opposing opinion”, the current chairman of Niwa was mentioned as well.


食品新基準で反対意見投稿要請か 放射線審前会長




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