JP Gov has no technology to decommission a nuclear reactor


Japanese government and Tepco have started publicly seeking technology to decommission nuclear reactors such as decontamination of the reactor buildings and remote controlling robot.
They will accept offers until 3/9/2012.
Toshiba, Hitachi GE nuclear energy and Mitsubishi heavy industries are already supported by the government to develop the decommissioning technology, but they are still needing related technology from small and middle sized companies.

Tepco and Japanese government are planning to fix the container vissels by 2014 ~ 2012, and start picking up the melted fuel. However, they have turned out to have no technology to realize the plan.


福島第1原発の廃炉技術公募 政府と東電
2012/2/24 20:58








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7 Responses to “JP Gov has no technology to decommission a nuclear reactor”

  1. [...] says Fukushima will take 40 years of man-power (utilizing new technologies/robots that do not yet exist) to decommission the plant. It will take supposedly 10 years to remove [...]

  2. misitu says:

    At last!

    Admission that outside resources are needed.

    I’m not being sarcastic, nor derogatory, merely drawing a line in the sand beyond which contamination that has been “shared” with the world (and continues) demands help from the world and in truth that help has to be given freely and without question.

    In explanation

    Reactors in Japan have been damaged and have contaminated the atmosphere, oceans, and biology, of the rest of the world. The rest of the world has in its own interests to assist Japan in mitigating the ongoing contamination and in finding how to clear up what’s already there.

    But Japan is not solely to blame here: we cannot point the finger and say, “it’s all YOUR fault,” because it’s our technology that WE encouraged Japan to accept, install, and make part of your civic infrastructure. So it’s us outside, that gave you this technology, that owe to Japan a free hand in the cleanup.

    I don’t want to see opportunist profiteers here, just good hard cash and expertise of all sorts drafted in to resolve this problem.

    Good Luck!

  3. KA says:

    “start picking up the melted fuel” : first, they have to LOCATE it, which is not the case at present !
    According to otherworldly Messages, there is no other solution available to Man than to ESCAPE;
    More on :

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  5. MR ROGERS says:

    40 years? japan will have no life in 3 or 4 years.did they not eat/breathe/drink 1 HOT PARTICLE?????

  6. MR ROGERS says:

    do not eat the apple eve<<<<<but u do, the apple is contaminated.

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    [...]JP Gov has no technology to decommission a nuclear reactor | Fukushima Diary[...]…

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