Anti nuclear town councilor died in undetermined manner



1/3/2012 2:45 PM ,Mr.Uemura Yasuhiro (64) ,who was a town councilor of Kowaura Minamiise Machi Mie was found dead in his car. He was bleeding from his chest, the car was parked in his farm.
According to police, he had his chest shot and a shotgun (113 cm long, over-under) was put outside of the car.
Around 10:30 AM 1/3/2012 ,he went out for his farm to keep the crows away with his gun. He went by himself. Police assumes it was suicide or a gun accident.
Mr.Uemura was elected in 1990 for the first time. He acted against the construction of Ashihama nuclear plan of Chubu Electric Power. After the Fukushima accident, he traveled around in Japan to give lectures against nuclear.



カラス駆除:南伊勢町議、車内で死亡 近くに散弾銃 三重





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9 Responses to “Anti nuclear town councilor died in undetermined manner”

  1. Maju says:

    He was found dead INSIDE the car and the gun OUTSIDE it and police assumes “suicide” or “accident”. C’mon! That cries institutional complicity with the quite obvious murder. State terrorism: that has no other name.

  2. David Moore says:

    police assume it was a suicide or a gun accident without a thorough investigation.

  3. CaptD says:

    This is a terrible tragedy and sounds very “fishy”…

    When the Japanese people cannot speak out against anything without fear of being killed; then what is left besides SLAVERY.

    I hope all the people of Japan will demand that this murder be given top priority by the Police and that Mr. Uemura Yasuhiro killers are arrested ASAP.

  4. Mikkai says:

    Radionuclides are radioactive assasins – invented by the atomic industry – they kill SLOW

    Human Assasins – bought by the atomic industry – with money the get from US, the people, by increasing “nuclear safety” – they kill FAST

    In 1984 Hilda Murrell, a 78-year-old distinguished rose-grower turned anti-nuclear campaigner, was found brutally murdered outside her home town of Shrewsbury, England:

    Murrel’s nephew Robert Green (Navy Commander) is also anti-nuclear and explained the atomic explosion of Chernobyl at IPPNW Chernobyl congress 1996 in Vienna (from Hinkley Point hearing report 1990): starting at page 29:
    “Chernobyl was a nuclear explosion in the yield of about 0.3 kilotons (there are nuclear weapons which are below this yield). Nothing, no architecture in the world could stand up to this. That the nuclear industry can not rule out a nuclear explosion in a reactor contradicts the regulations for nuclear safety. Consequently, all reactors should be shut down.
    The knowledge of the danger of a nuclear explosion in a water-cooled reactor type is so old as the principle of the reactor itself”

  5. MX says:

    We should all be happy that Mochizuki-san is out of Japan right now.

  6. Soyogu says:

    This is probably the reality that gives birth to all those police drama TV-series, in which some superior decides what the answer is and then someone closer to grassroot level has to clean it up.

    Problem with this reality is that there is no one to do the cleanup and there is only the wrong/downright false story left.

    And a suicide, really. Of course there could be some personal problems but all things considered, Japanese anti-nuclear people hardly have time to make suicides right now.

  7. xas says:

    Too often, disinformation continue to be the authoritie’s law in Japan, it’s the same thing in france, an sample of nuclear democracy ?

    tepco and your government will continue to write that all is under control, power comes from lying

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